Cabin Lake Fire Update: 6 p.m. Aug. 14

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County Road 10, also known as South Fork, has been evacuated and is closed.

The Cabin Lake Fire is experiencing extreme fire conditions due to fuel conditions and gusting 45 mph winds.

Crews are actively engaging the fire along the northern perimeter and structure protection operations are ongoing. Night operations and structure patrol and protection will continue tonight. The Cabin Lake Fire has been extremely active today due to fuel conditions and gusty/erratic wind behavior and is moving south and east through the old burn scar and toward the South Fork drainage. This area is comprised of dead and downed trees and grass cover. Those fuels are very dry and releasing large amounts of heat and smoke when they burn. This is driving the visible smoke column which is more than 23,000 feet high.

Crews are actively seeking opportunities to engage the fire utilizing dozers, hand crews and engines along this southeastern flank of the fire through the South Fork drainage. Heavy Type 1 helicopters were used throughout the day to make water drops in coordination with ground operations. These water drops were used to limit the spread of the fire towards the South Fork of the White River. At this time, thunderstorms and wind gusts are prohibiting the use of aircraft but fire management is continuously reevaluating the conditions to get air resources back and engaged with the fire.