Caucuses in RBC …

The Republican and Democratic caucuses, held Monday evening, saw heavier-than-normal attendance.
In Rangely, there was unusually high attendance at the Rangely Republican Precinct Caucuses in precincts One and Two. Attendees re-elected precinct chairs with Fletcher and Christina Buckler representing Precinct One and Andy Key and Sam Tolley representing Precinct Two.
“This is the first time in many election cycles the Rangely precincts have had to vote on delegates because there are so many people who want to serve,” said Rio Blanco Republican Chairman Logan Hill.
The Democrats had a somewhat higher turnout at their caucuses in Rangely and Meeker with 12 showing in Rangely and 15 in Meeker. Reflecting the Bernie Sanders state win, Rangely participants voted 7-5 for Sanders while the Meeker caucuses voted 11-4 for Sanders.