Days Gone By… June 10, 2021

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The Meeker Herald  | 125 years ago

• Hay and JoHantgen will supply the public on the Fourth with lemonades, milkshakes, soda water and cherry phosphates.

• After a few weeks spent in looking over his large interests in this section, Mr. Ike Baer left on Wednesday morning for Leadville.

• George B. Fravert, the Rifle nursery man, came in Wednesday and spent some time with the town authorities negotiating the sale of some trees for the town park. The trade is not completed yet, but we believe it will be. The town cannot spend its money for any better purpose than that of setting out trees. 

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

• Meeker is going to have a rip roaring Fourth of July. In these times of gloom and depression we need something like this to drive away the blues.

ν Will Meeker ever amount to anything? Yes, when we get a railroad.

• Today is the day set for the Odd Fellows’ annual Fish Fry, which will bring Odd Fellows from far and near. Fishermen have been in the upper country for several days and they brought down a big lot of trout and other food fish.

The Meeker Herald | 50 years ago

• Today’s Chuckle: It doesn’t seem to make much difference at meetings what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s said will take the longest.

• For all those interested, the road to Trappers Lake is now open. Bob Burnside also reported this week that the road over Ripple Creek is also open to thru traffic.

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

• Dr. Kellie Borchard Turner received her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Colorado on May 25.

• Corrections… Burning the candle at both ends on Tuesday nights to get everything ready for press day Wednesday invites mistakes. ‘Tis an imperfect world. Sorry about the goof ups.

Rangely Times | 50 years ago

• Rangely Days Rodeo queens or attendants for each year since the rodeo was started participated in this year’s festivities: Pam Powell (‘71), Evelyn Warren (‘70), Sharon Wardell (‘69), Marsha Christensen (‘67), Jane Powell (‘66), Ellen Wilson (‘65 rep.), Brenda Broome (‘58 rep.), Sandy Percifield (‘57 rep.), Linda Rector (‘53 rep), Pat Carter (‘54 rep.), Betty Percifield (‘53 rep.) Patty Percifield (‘52), Louise Powel (‘51), Ada Steele (‘50 rep.), Mary Edna Clark (‘49 rep.) and June Steele (‘48). Also attending the parade were Zandra Mobley (‘60 rep.), Gae Mangus (‘64), and Bonnie White (‘68). Absent were Carla Storey (‘56) and Vicki McCoy (‘59).

• Rangely’s city council accepted a bid from Mile Hi Aviation in Rifle for spraying three times for mosquitoes this summer. To partly finance the spraying this summer, a charge of $1 per family will be made with the three monthly water bills. 

Rangely Times | 25 years ago

• Frigid waters and fast current turned play into danger. Ben Maynard was chilled to the bone after being rescued from the White River on June 10 by Fire Chief Jeremy Lancaster, Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Curtis and EMT Darrell Freeman. 

• Gas prices aren’t keeping the visitors from traveling around the state. There were 3,845 visitors hosted at the Colorado Welcome Center in Dinosaur in May compared to 3,434 a year ago. This is a 12% increase.

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