Days Gone By: November 16, 2017

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

– A private hospital: I will take patients at my home, or will go out nursing. Mrs. Della Hockett.
– Try the Herald for a year.
– Six inches of snow fell on the Rifle-Meeker divide during the storm of Tuesday-Wednesday. Here in the valley it was mostly rain.
– The Miller Creek ditch people continue to improve that great enterprise. Superintendent of work, Fred Carstens, was in town early part of the week, and reported that his force had just completed over three hundred feet of concrete work in Warren’s field. The ditch is now concreted to Brady gulch.
– Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Sheridan, and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Walbridge went to the railroad last Saturday, enroute to Denver. They were proceeded to the railroad by large shipments of cattle.
– The first game of football played by the local high school boys resulted in a score of 20 to 0 in favor of the Rifle team. The game was pulled off in the town park last Saturday afternoon. The Meeker boys did very well, considering their limited practice and first attempt in the football arena.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– Kathy Holland, a 20-year-old Colorado State University junior from Meeker with long red hair, sparkling blue eyes and a 36-24-36 figure, was chosen Miss CSU of 1968 in an annual contest on the CSU campus Sunday afternoon.
– Teddy Bina, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bina of Meeker, was one year old Wednesday, Nov. 8. The young man has a brother Merle and sister LaVina at home.
– With the hanging of the new collapsible door last week, it won’t be long before Manager Gary Coulter at the Meeker Airport has his new hangar ready for use. The new 42’x65’ all-steel insulated building will hold five medium sized airplanes and will also provide inside space for repair service.
– Coach Paul Starbuck will have 13 lettermen to build his wrestling squad around. The Cowboys lost three of their conference placers through graduation: Charlie Talkington, Doug Williams and Francis McKee. However, he has back this year three boys who went to state last season: Gary Stewart, Phil Jensen and Ron Taussig.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– Nearly 200 people enjoyed the annual turkey dinner at St. James Episcopal Church last Sunday. No one is sure how many years the dinner has been held, but member Dorcas Jensen said she heard that in 1901, when Father Handel was the priest, a football team from Grand Junction ate at the dinner.
– Who is Henry Kravis? Kravis jets into Meeker’s airport carrying only his briefcase. The house at Westlands is the Kravis’ fourth home. All his houses have names starting with W. Sixty workmen and subcontractors for Nelson-Zeeb Construction out of Avon are currently hustling to get the roof on before winter, and Kravis anticipates it will be 15 months before completion. “Don’t discuss my house in terms of square feet,” he urges. “It’s a four-bedroom home.” Kravis heard about the ranch from an Alaskan seaplane pilot. The property had been in foreclosure five months and Kravis had 30 days to move.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– It’s time to give a little credit where credit is due. Rangely residents are enjoying a number of newly-paved streets, road to the city dump, airport hangar, etc., completed recently with a little help from the weatherman, assistance from the county commissioners and lots of effort from the road foreman of District 1, Bernard Hazlewood.
– A study of Rangely’s economy shows a continuing growth and prosperity that is unrivaled in most small towns in Colorado. Backed up by the oil industry, supported by the growth of Rangely College, the town is becoming more and more desirable as a place to live and bring up a family.
– Two Mountain States Telephone Co. contracts are presently under construction here. The first, an aerial line, will be completed around Nov. 30 and will give better service to Rangely customers, eliminating need for “2-3 party” lines, etc.
– Tommy Collins, Re-4 bus driver, won the third place trophy in the Western Slope Bus Drivers competition held in Grand Junction on Oct. 26 for school bus drivers.

Rangely Times—25 years ago

– Rangely Mayor Don Peach reported that basically the Town is in pretty good shape compared to most districts in coping with the passage of Amendment No. 1. This is because the Town is less dependent upon property tax revenue which has dropped dramatically. The gas and water funds and possibly the RDA are exempt from this amendment.
– Henry P. Widmer, Unit Manager in Rangely for The Franklin, Springfield, Ill., has earned one of the company’s top sales honors. Widmer has been named an “honorable mention” qualifier for Franklin’s Centurion Club.
– The Rangely Panther Spike Force traveled to Denver and returned home as the fourth place winner at the Colorado State Volleyball Championships. State recognition was given to Rangely seniors Jamie Kurrasch and Jennifer Filener.