Days Gone By: November 9, 2017

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The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

– Woman’s suffrage seems to have carried in New York state. In Ohio, latest returns indicate a “wet” victory and the defeat of woman’s suffrage.
– Meeker’s hotels, boarding houses and private family inaugurated the “meatless and wheatless” days this week. Fish and poultry were substituted, which entails an increased cost to the hotels and boarding houses, as fish (either fresh or cured) costs more than meat in Meeker, owing to the high cost of getting it here. But our hotels and others are patriotically complying with the government regulations regardless of the cost.
– George Cose of LimeKiln exchanged greetings with the town people Thursday.
– Frank Sheridan is running around these days with goverment officials. We would like to know what warrant Frank has for mixing with good Democratic officials. Must investigate.
– All the weather prophets are predicting a mild winter. Can’t make it too mild for us.
– A St. Louis judge recently made the statement in an address delivered before a local bar association that “if one fourth as much as is spent for keeping up our courts, jails, poorhouses and paupers was applied to help neglected city children make a proper start in life the high tide of crime surely would decrease.”
– The excellent training a young man received in the army and navy is a splendid result which comes from war preparation. Many a youth will come from the army and navy with a more gentlemanly bearing and more real character instilled into him through the rigid discipline he has gone through.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– A California hunter mistook his 24-year-old son for a deer and killed him with his high-powered rifle, Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s officers said last Friday.
– A small town has been described as a place where there isn’t too much to see, but what you hear makes up for it.
– After a scoreless game which ended in a 0-0 score, the Meeker Cowboys and the Craig Bulldogs share the Northwestern Class AA League football crown. Each team ended regular season play with a 4-won, 1 tie record.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– The community was shocked and saddened early Sunday morning as news spread that Dr. Randy LeBlanc, 37, had been killed in a single car accident, after colliding with a deer on Highway 13, 6.5 miles west of Rifle.
– Rio Blanco County sheep rancher and former state legislator Nick Theos was acquitted late Thursday night on charges of ordering a hired hand to kill a deer and poison the carcass to kill coyotes.
– Members of the Meeker School District board of directors kept a close watch on election returns throughout their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 3. After voters approved Amendment 1, a tax limitation package, and voted down a local school mill levy and Amendment 6, a one-cent sales tax increase for education, the members wondered what types of cuts to expect.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– Road foreman Bernard Hazlewood said this week that county crews had completed paving of Colo. 139 (Douglas Pass road) from the junction of Colo. 64 to the Rio Blanco County line.
– Wayne Allred, 14-year-old son of Lawrence and Paula Allred of Rangely, displayed a fine deer he killed Oct. 27 south of Rangely. The big buck had a 29 3/4 inch spread, with six points on one side and five on the other.
– Ideas are like children. Your own are very wonderful.
– Booked coming attractions at the Campus Theatre include Hawaii, Dr. Zhivago, Sand Pebbles, Dirty Dozen and many other first run pictures.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– Roxie Long is sweeping the northwest like a large broom, touching people far and wide with her own brand of enthusiasm on stage, and the bookings are pouring in for shows in Utah and Idaho, not to mention repeat performances in Colorado and Oregon. This little 10-year-old will win your heart or die trying.
– RHS volleyball team won regionals. The “Spike Force” are now state qualifiers: Jaime Hume, Cori Ducey, Amber Hopson, coach Kathy Thorsby, Allison Foxley, Misty Newlin, Amber McPhail, Jennifer Filener, Jamie Kurrasch, Amy Williams, Stacy Crawford and coach Cynthia Henning.
– Due to recent events committed by juveniles, particularly late at night, the Rangely Police Department has begun enforcement of the town ordinance regarding curfew. Those youths under 18 years of age, found out after the hours of curfew, will be contacted by an officer. Minors are to be off the streets by 10:30 p.m. on Sunday to Thursday nights and 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights during the school year.