Days Gone By: October 6, 2016

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Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

It’s so, if you see it in the Herlad (sic).

Watch the other fellows and profit by their mistakes.

Willard Simms was escorting his Grandma Rees and Aunt Russell in town, Saturday.

Fred Kracht of Oakridge park spent Saturday in town. Mr. Kracht is one of our farmers who does not believe in carrying his hay over. He got a good offer for his large tonnage and let it go.

Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

The theft of a safe containing $200 and $19 in currency taken from two cash registers in Oscar’s Recreation and Pool hall was reported to the city police and county sheriff’s officers Monday morning. Officers stated entrance was gained by removing a skylight on the roof and dropping into the pool hall.

Sunday’s clouds brought welcome moisture to the White River Valley, when snow fell on the high mountains and rain at lower elevations. Snow was reported ranging from 4 inches at Sizemore’s to 12 inches at Ripple Creek and 18 inches fell at Trappers Lake.

A parade, bonfire, the big game and dance—these are the traditional highlights of Homecoming 1966 at Meeker High School tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. Unusually high interest in the football game which pits the Rifle Bears against Ed Duffy’s Cowboys, has ensured the success of numbers for homecoming.

Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

$1.1 million. Anyway you write it, it’s a lot of money but that’s what the Meeker Town Council was told it will cost to operate town government in 1992. “Other than streets, we’re able to finance most all of our other capital projects ourselves,” said town manager Sharon Day.

Having had to make a number of controversial decisions over the past couple of years, the Meeker school board has probably received more than its fair share of criticism of late.

White River National Forest celebrated 100 years of history in 1991. While the White River National Forest is a source of entertainment, pride and economic necessity to today’s citizens of Rio Blanco County, the feeling of White River Valley residents 100 years ago was quite different. “Citizens Protest Park Scheme” cried the Meeker Herald headlines of March 29, 1890 which outlined the sentiments of the local residents who were so opposed to the national park plan that they wrote a letter to the Senate and House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

Over 20 gas meters have been damaged during the past week or so in Rangely. A $25 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible

The Rangely High School 1966 annual, distributed to students this fall, is dedicated to Mrs. Eldrid Hilkey, secretary to the senior high principal.

Now showing at the Campus Theatre: Elvis Presley in “Paradise—Hawaiian Style”; Sophia Loren, Paul Newman and David Niven in “Lady L”; and Henry Fonda in “Battle of the Bulge”.

The Future Homemakers of America held a Hobo Picnic on Sept. 27 up Dragon Road. Dressed in gala hobo attire, the girls met at the north side of the high school and rode to the picnic grounds in Lloyd Ruck’s truck, singing all the way. Debbie Allred won the prize for being the best-dressed hobo.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

The Rangely Development Agency had its September meeting this past Monday and heard proposals at various states of development. One proposal was far enough along to warrant a small financial grant, a second was only preliminary but received accolades from the board and two others were discussed—at the request of the requesters—behind closed doors.

To the Citizens of Rangely: I would like to alert you about an individual who has been making obscene phone calls to women since last November. Eighteen obscene calls were reported to the Rangely Police Department, and six were reported to the Meeker Police Department and Rio Blanco Sheriff’s Department. Many more calls have probably been made, but not reported to the Police Department. Please attempt to tape the caller’s conversation. ~Barbara L. Watry, Chief of Police