Days Gone By: September 7, 2017

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

– One doesn’t learn much by talking, which may explain why some people know so little.
– Jimmy Johnson trapped four wolves this week, near the head of Miller Creek.
– Prof. C.L. Zumwalt, principal of the high school, arrived Tuesday with his family.
– James Nolder, who escaped from the county jail here some two years ago, charged with burglary, was brought in last Saturday evening by Sheriff R.G. Lyon. Nolder was located at Newkirk, Okla., to which place Mr. Lyon went to get his prisoner.
– Plain Words by an Editor: A late issue of the Lake City Times, has the following timely write-up: “If there is an advertiser in this paper who thinks he is doing a charitable act when he carries a little dinky advertisement for which he does not pay enough for the paper it covers, let him wake up. The editor, owner, manager and publisher of this paper properly appreciates all patronage when it is given gracefully and because the advertiser wants it, but the aforesaid Pooh-bah of the Times does not want and will not have an advertisement from anyone who gives it as though it hurt him … The Times man does not have to be asked to buy his groceries from a grocer, his meat from the butcher or shoes from the shoe merchant; and we have not the slightest objection if these merchants want to have their printing done at a glue factory and their advertising done by a lot of old hens and roosters. Again, we appreciate all business that comes to this office gracefully. We do not give a damn for any other kind.”

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– Town Council Thursday night gave its official sanction to start cleaning up the kids’ fish pond located in City Park and do what work is necessary to make it serve a dual purpose as an ice skating pond this winter and a more attractive fish pond next year.
– If some men owned the earth they would try to dodge the tax collector just the same.
– We understand there are 12 new rigs now drilling or about ready to drill in the Piceance Creek area. The new location for Shell’s deep test well is identified as being 1-1/2 miles north of the Hugh Caldwell ranch some 34 miles west of Meeker.
– Bob Pearce tells us he saw a bear on Miller Creek last weekend.
– This newspaper business is a funny business. It can rock along for some time without anyone paying too much attention to it. To change that attitude all one has to do is not take a picture which someone thought should be used. We try to have variety in our pictures but simply cannot take a picture of every fair winner, cost-wise and space-wise. Comparing the exchange papers, large and small, which cross our desk each week, we are proud to say the Herald runs as many and often times more photos than most other Colorado weeklies. All we can say is we try to do our best.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– The sixth annual Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championships take center stage this week. There will be three dozen handlers form 16 states and South Africa competing for the $10,000 in prize money this year.
– Joe Collins spent Saturday mending fence. Says he liked it. Never liked it before becoming County Commissioner. Now finds it peaceful and quiet.
– September was ushered in with a report that two pigs were running loose at 10th and Market streets. Police all too quickly became aware that pigs do not respond to official commands, not-so-polite commands, or any other type of command. The pigs were pursued on foot as they “touristed” through brush, bogs, trees and other obstacles down to the White River. The boys in blue spent a lot of time discussing how to contain the situation—deep pit barbecue winning the most votes—while the pigs lollygagged about in a superior mucky black mud hole. The solution came the form of some citizens who knew all about pigs. They were not wearing tennis shoes or guns, and carried no handcuffs. Through sheer persuasion the pigs were persuaded to return to the pen. The Police Department responded to 43 less amusing calls between September 1 and 8.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– Rangely’s town council began work on putting together the 1968 budget to adopt a preliminary budget. Finance committee members Don Chism and Hershl Pilcher asked all departments to turn in requests for new equipment, etc., as soon as possible.
– Rangely’s new gas supply was turned on Wednesday of last week following completion of 11 miles of pipeline by Western Slope Gas Co. Mayor B.R. Yaeger and Ed Kelly, WSG vice president, turned the valve on the line.
– Patrick Henry should come back and see what taxation with representation is like.
– Census figures show that there are 10 times as many poor whites as Negro. What do you think would happen if they dared to march downtown to raid and loot the liquor stores, TV shops and clothing stores? The kook in Colorado who threatens the president gets a penitentiary sentence. The kook who shouts, “Burn, Baby, Burn,” and incites 34 unnecessary deaths and millions of dollars in damage gets a full-color profile on TV and a double page spread in the Sunday supplements.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– It was a warm summer day in Mid-August. Jason Tipton (grandson of Mayor Frances Green) and crew were working on the bike trail at Texas Creek, and it was lunch time. He sat down to eat and reached down for a sandwich…to be met with stabbing pain in his right index finger. A rattlesnake was attached to his hand. Jason spent a total of four days in the hospital, two of them in intensive care.
– It was the 10th annual Septemberfest and the weather gave its usual good show—neither too hot or too cool and nothing but blue skies.
– The 1992 Rangely Panther football team opens the season Friday night at home against Basalt. New Rangely head coach Marty Bassett is excited for the season to begin.