Demolition derby…

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phMKDerby4-WheelerCallsItCloseA variety of events were held Friday night as part of the demolition derby at the county fairgrounds in Meeker. In addition to the two-car demolition derby (five cars from Wyoming failed to show up) there were foot races and various competitions for four-wheelers, side-by-sides and large OHVs. Above, this driver cut it a bit close during the timed barrel race.

phmkDerbyFour-WheelerGetsAirThe four-wheelers, side-by-sides and larger off-road vehicles got up some good speed taking two laps inside the outside track and had to clear some jumps on their way around. Above, this driver of a four-wheeler ‘caught some air’ and spewed mud upon the spectators at the south end of the track.

phMKDerbyBackwardRaceAmong the activities at the fairgrounds in Meeker on Friday night was a series of foot races on a well-watered and slippery outer track. Above, the runners in this race had to run about 100 yards backwards. As can be seen above, not all the racers made it while running backwards and a couple of others didn’t make it to finish line without eating a bit of mud.