Editor: What have we learned?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

~ Søren Kierkegaard

Someone has said that when we go through difficult times, instead of asking “why is this happening?” we should be asking “what can I learn from this experience?”

So what can we learn from the events that have occurred with the county’s highest level of governance that have caused such consternation? Here’s some thoughts…

  • Tolerance in the name of partisan politics is not unconditional. You can be a conservative, or a liberal, or a garden gnome, just be a nice one. Treat people with respect and kindness, even when you disagree on policy and politics.
  • A little humility goes a long way. A little self-righteous pride goes even further … in the wrong direction. A genuine apology for bad behavior earns respect. Defensiveness, name-calling, gaslighting, blame-shifting and intimidation do not.
  • When you swear to uphold the law as an elected official, that includes Colorado’s “Sunshine Laws.” Those laws, though they lack “teeth” unless someone has the means to litigate a violation, protect the essential right to have public business conducted in a public forum.
  • It’s incredibly important to know who we’re electing, no matter the office. Don’t ignore red flags — personally or professionally. They aren’t signs the carnival is coming to town, they’re signs of trouble ahead.

It’s been a rough couple of years on all fronts, and tough times aren’t magically going to disappear, but we can do some housekeeping and come back better for it.

By NIKI TURNER – editor@ht1885.com

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