Editor’s Column: Halloween costumes for grown-ups aren’t fair

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As a small child my Halloween costume consisted of a pillowcase with two eyes rimmed in purple marker for several years. (I was

Niki Turner
really short.) In third grade I dressed up as “Bad Sandy” from the “Grease” movie. (My mother would probably say that was the beginning of the end.)
As an adult, Halloween costume shopping is frustrating. An internet search for “women’s Halloween costumes” turns up page after page of “sexy” costumes.
A search for men’s costumes doesn’t produce similar results. Apparently, only women are expected to go out on Halloween in nothing but their underwear and a half-mask. Men, on the other hand, get “muscle-padded” bodysuits to simulate superhero muscles. Seems unfair, somehow.

This week we welcome interns Allie Willey (this is her third article for the Herald) and Eowyn Larson. Both are students at Meeker High School. If there are any Rangely High School students interested in something similar, email editor@theheraldtimes.com.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. Tonight is the Meeker 4-H Achievement night, which is open to the public. Tomorrow night is the Parkview Elementary “A Night at Hogwarts” fundraiser. Saturday is the inaugural “A Night at Hogwarts” event in Meeker, a new fundraiser for our county’s 4-H clubs, and the annual Hopewest Halloween gala, which raises funds for the Hopewest hospice program, and a costume contest at Chippers. Then ERBM hosts Pumpkins, Eats and Treats on Halloween itself.
The next person who tells me there’s “nothing to do” is going to get a newspaper reporter/photographer assignment.