Editor’s Column: Here we go again

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We’re apparently very slow learners. A year and a half into a global pandemic we’re circling around into another wave of illness thanks to a variant of COVID-19. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. We were warned, and we’ve watched it unfold with heartbreaking devastation around the world. If we thought we were immune because we’re “special,” the virus is proving that line of thinking for what it is: delusional.

Case counts are spiking again around the country, but particularly in areas like ours where the vaccination rate is low. We’re seeing more hospitalizations, and more serious illness in younger people. Now the powers that be are talking about mask-wearing again. (Like they’re going to be able to put that cat back in the bag.)

So it appears that we’ve reached that painful point all parents come to when raising toddlers and teens (basically the same thing in different-sized bodies, with bigger consequences)… the tough love season.

As someone has said, we are free to make whatever choice we want, but we are not free from the consequences of the choice. 

That’s a hard, hard lesson to learn. 

So here we go, again. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

By NIKI TURNER – editor@ht1885.com