Editor’s Column: It’s adventure time! But please wear your seatbelt

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re changing the “branding” of our annual spring/summer magazine, formerly known as

Niki Turner
the Northwest Colorado Summer Recreation Guide. The new magazine is titled Adventure Colorado and will be published twice a year.
Why, you might ask, would we go to the trouble of creating a glossy magazine that will be distributed all over western Colorado, developing a website (coming soon) and a Facebook page (www.facebook.com /adventurecolorado/)?
Because tourism is a ginormous part of Colorado’s economy, and it’s a piece of the pie we have barely begun to taste up here in the northwest corner. People, including Colorado people, are searching for authentic Colorado experiences.
That’s where Adventure Colorado comes in. By expanding our reach we hope to attract more attention to the jewels and gems northwest Colorado has to offer, and in so doing, help our local businesses grow and prosper.
And, we want you to share your Colorado adventures with us! What is your favorite northwestern Colorado adventure? It doesn’t have to be dangling off the side of a mountain. Adventure means different things to different people. What does adventure mean to you? Drop us a line and let us know!
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Seatbelt use came up in discussion at Tuesday’s town board meeting. Wearing your seatbelt is a law in Colorado, but you can’t be pulled over just for not wearing it. It’s like those add-on items on Amazon. If you get pulled over for something else and aren’t wearing your seatbelt, you get an additional fine.
Seatbelts save lives. We don’t wear them because we’re too lazy to take that three seconds to buckle up, or because we’re forgetful, or because we’re in a hurry. None of those are good reasons to avoid buckling up for safety.