Editor’s Column: Time to reflect on Easter’s meaning

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What an unusual Easter this shall be.

Church services will be online; Easter egg hunts limited to back yards with sibling-only competition (color your printable paper eggs this week and place them in your windows, too); and families won’t (or shouldn’t) be having big Easter dinners together. It is scheduled to snow. That’s actually pretty normal.

As some chafe under the public health restrictions in place, bemoaning the loss of freedom to do as they please, it’s a good time to recall the life and lessons of a man who willingly sacrificed himself for the well-being of others. Let’s keep that story in mind when we feel constricted, trapped, stir-crazy and pouty.

Meanwhile, all those restrictions and regulations appear to be slowly making a difference, so keep up the good work!

Hold tight, storms don’t last forever.


Last weekend I made 1.75 cloth masks (the .75 is when I gave up after the 15th time the thread broke). The endeavor involved much cussing at my sewing machine and twisting my brain around a DIY YouTube video. I miss good, old-fashioned written instructions, don’t you? I got one mask done and, in an effort to be compliant, wore it out of the house. I got some strange looks, and didn’t see another soul sporting our new fashion trend while I was out. A voicemail from a reader echoed my experience.

I haven’t experienced this kind of peer pressure since the first time I wore all black to school. It wasn’t trendy yet, and I got a lot of snide comments about “are you going to a funeral” and “who died?” from my fellow students. Today no one thinks twice about wearing all black, all the time. Hopefully the mask-wearing season won’t last too long, but while it’s here, it would be nice if we call all be trendy together for once.


Happy 30th anniversary to my husband, Pat. The last three decades have been quite the adventure, and I’m glad you’ve been there with me for all of it, good, bad, happy and sad.


The fire Tuesday sparked a debate: is it Lions Canyon or Lyons Canyon? Apparently, the question has been asked since at least 1911, as both are listed on a United States Geological Survey photo. Google Maps says Lions Canyon. Residents say Lions Canyon.


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By Niki Turner | editor@ht1885.com