Editor’s Column: “Unedited. No filters.”

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There’s a trend toward posting photos and tagging them “#nofilter” or “#noedits.” That’s great when it comes to photos, because who really cares if the colors of your sunset pic are orange or pink?

But when it comes to words, filters are invaluable. Through a “workflow” accident last week, an unedited version of this column was distributed to social media. Oops.

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, I tend to use the first draft of my column as a place to vent. Believe me, by Tuesday I need to vent. I write my column, and then I sleep. It’s a rare occurrence that my column goes to press on Wednesday without at least one complete rewrite. Usually I wake up on Wednesday and am compelled to tone down my venting and hopefully find some inspiration to share.

So for the handful of people who saw it and said, “huh?” or noticed the original post didn’t match the print edition, now you know why. It was almost as much fun as when you send a snarky email reply to the wrong person, or accidentally include someone in a text message that’s about them, or trash talk your junior high principal only to find out she’s standing right behind you. Not that any of those things ever happened to me…


My phone interview with Annie Merriam Berlemann last week was a joy. Not only did her story have a happy ending, she was just plain fun to talk to. Thanks, Miss Leota Cook, for the tip! Roxie Fromang’s story about the Musser family is also a pleasure to read. Another happy story this week: Meeker Drugs owner Diana Jones had a successful surgery yesterday and is, as of this writing, doing well. In a news cycle that is all too often full of sorrow and corruption and obstruction of the truth, happy news is welcome news.

By Niki Turner | editor@ht1885.com