From My Window: Denver Broncos firing on both cylinders—to SB50

Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
Yes! They finally did it with style, class and quality!

The Broncos beat the three-point favorite New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon, but they did it all game after catching the Pats off guard in the first half by scoring two touchdowns and sporting a brand new defensive scheme.
For only the second time this entire season, the Broncos played a complete game.
There were no interceptions, no fumbles and no dropped passes—problems the Broncos have been plagued with all season long. The Broncos’ only “lapse” came on a lame pass from Peyton Manning that I think was a forward pass or at least a level pass, which was ruled a lateral and New England picked it up.
There haven’t been many games this season that I have to believe were “deserved” to be won by the Broncos, but Sunday’s test against the Pats and Brady had the Broncos clearly in charge. They did deserve to win.
In fact, I would be free of conscience to say that the final score of 20-18 was a lot closer than it should have been.
The Broncos dominated, and if there is any question that the Broncos’ defense is the best in the AFC, well, there just plain shouldn’t be a question any more after that game.
Half the battle has been won.
The Broncos have ended the Patriots’ string of Super Bowl appearances and won the American Football Conference Championship.
But the mission is not yet complete.
A particularly adept team of Panthers from North Carolina stand in the way of Nirvana 2016.
We know the Broncos—at last general manager John Elway—are foaming at the mouth for the world title. That’s why he brought Gary Kubiak in—because former coach John Fox could only take the Broncos to the playoffs, not the Super Bowl. And Elway has made it clear he wants a Super Bowl win.
Only one game away.
And a tough game it may be.
The Panthers’ record on the year is 17-1. The Bronco are 14-4. Both pretty respectable.
Cam Newton, the quarterback for the Panthers, is world class. He can run, he can pass and he can lead a tough team, which he had shown a couple times this year. Of course, there were several other games that the Panthers ran away with—in which Newton didn’t have to demonstrate late-game heroics because his Panthers were so far ahead.
Super Bowl 50 should be a real war if both teams are playing up to their potential. I would give the offense a slight edge to a very mobile Cam Newton for the Panthers but I believe it will be a strong advantage that the Bronco defense brings to the game.
Go Broncos. It’s time to bring home the Super Bowl (Vince Lombardi) Trophy for the third time.