From my window… Oops on editor; weather, egg hunts good

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Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
It certainly didn’t take long for the honeymoon to end. I made my first mistake and it didn’t go unnoticed.
Several readers, mostly from Meeker, wasted little time in letting me know I had messed up. Most of then apologized for bothering me before telling me why they were approaching me on the phone, via email or in person. I felt and feel horrible because inaccuracy is something I do not like. However…
I incorrectly reported on Page One of the March 28 issue of the Herald Times that the vacancy on the Meeker Town Board, which was filled by Bryce Ducey, was created when Jeff Eskelson left the town board to run for and subsequently win election to the Rio Blanco County Board of Commissioners.
That was clearly incorrect! I had listened to the wrong person. I swear I did not make up the information, but, obviously, I asked the wrong person. Lesson learned!
The reality of the situation is, and I quote a note from a Meeker town official, who I should have asked in the first place, “Bryce Ducey was appointed to replace Andy Thomson as trustee for the Town of Meeker.”
Sorry Bryce, Jeff, Andy and all others I heard from and those I didn’t hear from. This mistake will not happen again. I regret to say there probably will be other mistakes at some time, but this same one will not be repeated.
Anyway, best of luck, Bryce! You have an entire town rooting for you.

I took a drive to Rangely on Thursday for a meeting with Rangely Town Administrator Peter Brixius and with Colorado Northwest Community College public information officer and executive assistant Becky Dubbert.
I had met Brixius previously but I wanted to spend a little more in-depth time with him, finding what projects and plans are going on in that fair town.
I also wanted to meet Dubbert since I spent five years as public information officer for a two-year college in Arizona, and I hoped to meet CNCC President Russell George. He was busy, I understand, with budget meetings, and I learned in Arizona not to disturb the president during budget time.
Anyway, a good, beneficial conversation was held with both, and my hope is that the readers on the western side of Rio Blanco County will benefit.

While driving to Rangely, it didn’t take rocket science for me to notice that most of the ice is off the White River. There are still a few spots where there are stretches of ice, but they are few and far between.
Since Thursday of last week, it seems that almost everyone I have spoken with is sporting a photo of a nice trout they or a family member caught within the past week.
I also noticed that just the very upper waters within Kenney Reservoir are completely ice free — but I am not certain whether one could actually obtain access at this time.
The rest of the reservoir is covered with ice, but that ice at one point creates a unique pattern.
From the dam upward through most of the reservoir the ice takes on an emerald green hue, which, to me, means the ice isn’t very deep. Then, about 75 percent of the way up the reservoir is a very distinct line where the green ends and pure white ice is visible to nearly the upper end of the reservoir.
I can’t wait to try my luck on the White River or Kenney Reservoir, but it may yet be a while until the waters on Kenney open all the way. Only the weather gods know!

Without a doubt, the quickest event I have ever covered in more than 36 years was the Meeker Easter egg hunt on Saturday at Barone Middle School.
Thankfully, I arrived at the scene 30 minutes before the 10 a.m. on-the-dot start with a quick firing of the fire truck siren. Roughly 15 seconds later, it was over.
Approximately 300 kids, I would estimate, all lined up around the grass plots at the middle school. When it was over, I didn’t see one child walking around in tears without an egg. That has not always been case while covering egg hunts elsewhere.
Several folks commented that this was the first such hunt in many years during which the weather was warm and sunny. Everyone seemed in high spirits, men in shorts were scattered through the group and a lot of folks were clad in short sleeves while accompanying their children.
A great job was done by the sponsoring Meeker Lions Club, and it was a great way for the parents and children to welcome spring. Thanks also to the Meeker Fire Department for bringing along one of their fire trucks. The young kids and their not-so-young parents seemed to get a big kick out of the truck.

The weather was the main topic of conversation at the Easter egg hunt, almost equaled by the talk of who was going fishing where.
My first impression is that there are a lot of fishermen and women and a lot of male and female golfers – at least at this end of the valley. It is good to see people getting out and doing something in this gorgeous weather.
In Arizona, the summer days are often too hot to do anything at midday and often the winter days are too cool to do a lot out-of-doors, particularly when combined with the winds that state can attract.
Golf and fishing are both in my top five things to do with my spare time, and they are in the top three reasons I returned to Colorado. …gotta get that Colorado fishing license and have my golf clubs sent from Arizona.
(By the way golfers, be aware that there is a huge difference in the distance a golf ball flies at roughly 6,700 feet around here and at sea level. I was pretty happy years ago when my tee shot traveled nearly 280 yards in Rawlins, Wyo. What a disappointment when I realized that same ball travels only about 230 yards at lower elevations.)