Gas prices on the rise

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MEEKER I We’re used to grumbling about the price of gas in Meeker, where the cost of a gallon of gas is generally anywhere from 5 cents to 25 cents a gallon higher than fuel in neighboring communities.
In a recent letter to the editor, one Herald Times reader said he intends to buy his fuel in Grand Junction, 100 miles away.
Local station owners have repeatedly told cranky customers they are at the mercy of their suppliers, who charge higher wholesale rates because of demand and location.
As continued unrest in the Middle East sparks fears of disruption in the oil supply and the price of a barrel of crude oil rises, that spike in crude is transferred to refineries and then to consumers. Some estimate the price of unleaded gas could climb well over $5 a gallon this year.
As of Monday, Feb. 28, the average price of a gallon of gas in the state rose 13.3 cents in a week, to an average of $3.13 per gallon. Still lower than the national average of $3.34. In Meeker, prices Wednesday hovered at $3.39 per gallon for regular unleaded, and $3.87 for diesel.
Of that average cost in Colorado, combined local, state, and Federal taxes consume 40.4 cents per gallon. The state with the highest tax per gallon? California wins that dubious award at 67 cents per gallon. Alaska has the lowest tax rate on fuel, a mere 26.6 cents. The national tax average is 47.4 cents per gallon.
For now, we’re all feeling the squeeze at the pump, no matter where you choose to fill up your tank.