Guest Column: Honor your mother, her way

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MEEKER I As Mother’s Day arrives, I am reflecting upon celebrations of the past. Because my children and dear grandson do not live near us, Mother’s Day is not an in-person celebration for me yet full of good memories.

Retail advertisers can make us feel guilty if we don’t spend tons of money on beautiful bouquets, sumptuous dining, or similar costly gifts. Nothing wrong with flowers, spa, or upscale dining but perhaps some mothers would appreciate other choices. Here are my reflections.

In our house, Mother’s Day was a continuing saga of food-centered events. Earlier in April came Easter plus all the candy, soon followed by my husband’s birthday with cake, and two days later son Kyle’s birthday with yet more eating events. Onto May that also includes our wedding anniversary.

By the arrival of Mother’s Day, we and our budget were burned out on wining and dining. I never wished to endure Denver’s restaurants on Mother’s Day where the wait is long and the service/kitchen staff overwhelmed. If your mom is the main chef in your house, perhaps a day off from cooking is a tremendous gift. It can be a simple meal that says you are relieving her from kitchen chores.

When our children were young, my husband helped them prepare breakfast and serve me in bed. What an effort they devoted to making me feel special even though the food often arrived cold. The gesture just made me glow. Their teachers would help our youngsters create the sweetest cards and art projects that I kept until they fell apart.

As teenagers our sons were less interested in spending time with us parents, but I fondly recall an outstanding trip from Denver to the fairy caverns in Glenwood Springs. Back then the caves had just been opened to the public. Because I enjoy exploring new places, a day trip to a special place was one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I ever received. It’s still worth an outing if you ask me.

As to flowers, although I am completely bowled over by fresh bouquets, one year I suggested a variation that would support my hobby of gardening. Mother’s Day marks the time to purchase new bedding plants and get my summers flower underway. Instead of fresh flowers we enjoyed an outing to Echters Gardens, a local and extensive nursery, to select my bedding plants.

You never saw a happier mother than me wandering among the massive display of flowers. Their scent, the endless varieties, all the potential of summer blooming flowers resulted in a lasting gift. Your mother enjoys her own hobbies so perhaps a way to honor her is to find a way to say I love you that supports her interests.

Today, as adults in their 30’s, my sons have relationships with me that reflect their growth and lifestyles. I rarely see them but am always thrilled to talk or FaceTime or text. When we are together, their manly hugs remind me what fine adults they have become. I couldn’t be prouder and that’s all I need to enjoy Mother’s Day.

Remember to honor your mother in a way she would enjoy. Sometimes the best ways to celebrate can be the simplest, even just a hug.


KAYE SULLIVAN | Special to the Herald Times