Home of: Dave and Georgann Prosser

RANGELY | Georgann Prosser has every right to call Rangely home since she moved here 52 years ago at the age of 2 months, and Dave Prosser has called Rangely home since 1982, when he relocated from West Virginia. Together, they find Rangely a pretty good place.
Georgann and Dave were hooked up by Dave’s mom, and they have been married for 27 years. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in Las Vegas, but held their wedding reception in Rangely.
Together they keep busy as the owners of Big D’s Carpet Cleaning and DKG Storage.
The Prossers have one child, 24-year-old KC, who is the food service industry in Eureka, Mont.
Their interests include camping, the Broncos and traveling and spending a lot of time with both sets of their parents, who also live in Rangely and who also travel with Georgann and Dave. They spend most of the winter in Arizona.
While Georgann doesn’t claim any real hobby, she said Dave likes to hunt, fish and play golf.
Georgann has also taken her turn at community service, having been active serving on the Rio Blanco County Tourism Board, assisting Rangely and Meeker.
Asked if she had any special memories outside of Rangely, Georgann quickly says “no.” All of her special memories revolve around Rangely.
“I grew up here and graduated from high school here and I met my husband here,” she said. “All three of those things leave some pretty darned good memories.