Home of: Kennith and June Dotson

RANGELY | When June Dotson first visited Rangely in 1960, she hated it and said she never wanted to see the place again. In 1961, she and her husband, Kennith, moved to Rangely and they have been here ever since, loving every minute of it — except in the dead of winter, when they travel to Arizona.
The Dotsons moved to Rangely from Rock, W.Va., in 1961. June says of Rock, “It is so small, I can’t even find it on a map anymore, and we got lost on a dirt road on our way to our double wedding with friends,” in 1953.
When Kennith got out of the U.S. Army at Fort Lewis, Wash., in 1960, the Dotsons decided to visit an Army buddy who lived in Rangely. June said she immediately hated it and told Kennith she would never consider living there.
In 1961, the couple returned to Rangely, where Kennith began a long career in the oil field. He worked with Carl Rector for 27 years at Duco Inc. Well Service. She started working for the Montgomery Ward catalog story in Rangely, “something a lot of people here don’t know ever existed.”
The Dotsons have two children: daughter Georgann (husband David) Prosser of Rangely, who is now a retired beautician; and son Kevin Dotson, who is a consultant for a directional drilling company in Olden, Texas, and who is engaged to marry Kathy Lamb later this year. They have three grandchildren and are expecting their first great-grandchildren (a boy — girl set of twins) to arrive in August.
June has served on the Rangely Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and on a county board that deals with handling funds for non-profit groups.
Kennith “hasn’t had time to serve on any volunteer committees, having worked in the oil field every day from 1961 until he retired in 2000,” June said.
She said she enjoys golf and crossword puzzles.
“I used to be an eight handicap at golf, but the years have affected that quite a bit as I get older,” she said. “I now have a mid-20s handicap, but I still play every Tuesday here in Rangely and every Thursday when we go to Arizona with our daughter and her husband in the winter.”
She said Kennith never was much of a hobby man, but that he had four holes-in-one as a younger golfer. He also liked to hunt, but now he just listens to his bluegrass music, she said.
Asked what she likes most about living in Rangely, June said, “Both kids graduated from Rangely High School and got a good education here. Son Kevin even graduated from Colorado Northwestern Community College. Rangely gave us a good living and there are a lot of good people here — we’ve always gotten along and I wouldn’t want to spend summers anywhere else on earth.”
June pointed out that Kennith spent two years in the U.S. Army, then added that her “claim to fame” is that she had an aunt who was married to one of the direct descendants of the Hatfields from the Hatfield-McCoy feud in West Virginia.