HT Editor appointed to CPA Board

RBC | Here at the Herald Times we’ve known for a while that our fearless leader, Editor-in-Chief Niki Turner, is pretty awesome. Not every newspaper has a boss that relentlessly stands up for their staff, encouraging everyone to find the truth and present it to the public, all while simultaneously sending hilarious gifs, so we know we’re pretty lucky. However, it seems that we are not the only ones to recognize the skills and talent wrapped up in that fiery little package. Last week the President of the Colorado Press Association officially inducted Turner to their Board of Directors.

Former Colorado Press Association Chief Executive Officer Jerry Raehal had the following to say about her appointment, “In the short time that Niki has run the paper, she has shown to be an engaged member with great questions and insights. She has shown both willingness to help and lead, which are ideal qualities for a CPA board member. We’re excited to have her part of the board.”

She’d never toot her own horn, so a surprise article was definitely in order. We know she will serve well, representing small papers across the state with all of the integrity, passion and humor she brings each and every day to the Herald Times.

Congratulations, Niki!