Humble Hands massage therapy office now open in Rangely

Aimee Hernandez
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Aimee Hernandez
Aimee Hernandez
RBC I It’s not every day that young adults leave our small towns to further their educations and then return to open their own businesses. However, that is just what Rangely’s Aimee Hernandez has done.

After being graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy, Hernandez returned to Rangely and officially opened Humble Hands LLC, a massage therapy office located on North White Street, in October.
Humble Hands currently offers a wide variety of services including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, shiatsu and pregnancy massage as well as acupressure. Hernandez serves clients of all ages. Appointments range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Hernandez chose to move back to Rangely and open up shop after encountering a saturated market in the Denver area.
“It was hard to get clients out there,” she said. “There were like 20 offices in a six-block radius.”
Hernandez learned through family that two of Rangely’s massage therapists were leaving their practice and she decided to make the move home.
So far, business at Humble Hands has been good.
“It was really full the first six weeks,” Hernandez said. “Now it’s crazy, in a good way.”
For Hernandez the best part has been the wide variety in the clients’ needs and backgrounds.
“That’s what I love about it,” she said.
Hernandez wants people to know how much massage therapy can affect one’s overall health.
“We go around everyday thinking our aches are normal; then you get a massage and realize how great you can feel,” she said. “It can be mind blowing.”
For now, Hernandez’s goals are simple: keep prices low enough that everyone can afford a good massage while increasing business enough that she is able to make her new business her full-time job.
Hernandez says she can usually schedule people the same day they call, an aspect of her service that she hopes will encourage people to try it out.
Appointments can be scheduled by calling 970-817-4395.