Incidence calls down at dispatch

RBC I The good news is that the number of incident reports called into the Rio Blanco County Communications Center was down a good percentage in 2012 over the numbers in 2011.
The county communications center is located within the sheriff’s office in Meeker and handles all dispatching duties for the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office (RBSO) and the Meeker Police Department (MPD). In this report, we will look at primarily those calls into the center that pertained only to the RBSO.
There was a total of 4,797 calls into the dispatch center for the sheriff’s office during 2012 compared to 5,057 calls during 2011, a drop of 260 calls or more than 5 percent.
(The total number of calls into the dispatch center, including those for the RBSO and MPD, was 7,336 in 2012, down from a total of 7,810 in 2011.)
For the RBSO, by far the No. 1 incident is traffic stops with deputies making 2,351 in 2012, down from 2,909 during 2011. The second most-common call into the dispatch center is for animal calls, with 258 requests during 2012, rising from 211 in 2011.
No. 3 in incidence both years was calls to assist the Colorado State Patrol. In 2012, the were 171 such calls into the dispatch center for deputies compared to 184 in 2011.
Fourth in requests for help in both years was motorist assists to include locked/lost keys. There were 161 calls in 2012 compared to 155 in 2011. Fifth in 2012 was a tie between traffic complaints and property damage/car-deer collisions with 152 each while fifth in 2011 VIN (vehicle identification number) verifications with 145.
Seventh through 10th most-common calls in 2012 were: assist Rangely Police Department; suspicious incident or person with 124 calls; juvenile problems, including runaways, 117 calls; and VIN inspections with 106 calls, respectively.
Sixth through 10th most-common calls in 2011 were: jail transports with 133 requests; assist Rangely Police Department with 126; traffic complaints with 125 calls; property damage/car-deer collisions with 106 calls; and suspicious incidents or persons with 99 calls.
Other calls into the communications center for the RBSO during 2012 are (with 2011 numbers in parentheses): assaults, excluding domestic violence 4 (5); all fire calls except arson 95 (27); all sexual assaults 1 (1); all burglaries 3 (3); thefts except auto theft 74 (53); domestic violence 12 (4); traffic arrests 64 (59); liquor code/minor in possession 5 (1); 911 hang-up calls 44 (48) and child abuse 2 (1).
Others requests for response from the RBSO in 2012 (with 2011 figures in parentheses): narcotics cases 9 (9); all DUI cases 32 (23); suicides 3 (1); hit and run accidents 5 (7); search and rescue missions 22s (17); assist out-of-county agencies 50 (75); harassment 15 (l6); traffic hazards 62 (45); injury accidents 9 (10); weapons violations 11 (3); motor vehicle thefts 2 (2); property found or recovered 17 (15) and trespassing 12 (13).