Jeff Rector challenges Jon Hill for his seat on county commission

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RANGELY I Rangely resident and Duco, Inc., owner Jeff Rector announced Monday his intention to challenge incumbent Jon Hill for the position of Districet Two county commissioner in the upcoming Republican election process.

Rector will need to receive 30 percent of the delegate vote at the county Republican Assembly on March 12 to gain access to the ballot. Should he fail to receive the needed votes, he can potentially petition onto the ballot.
Rector says he decided to run out of a desire to serve the county during a time of what he calls “tough decisions.”
“It’s time for me to try and make a difference,” he said.
Rector wasn’t sure what specific goals he hoped to accomplish if elected, saying at this point he is “just trying to get on the ballot” for the May primary.
He is hopeful that delegates will consider casting their vote for him at the assembly because he is a strong member of the community and willing to “take a stand in what I believe in.”
Rector also believes that his experience as a business owner and working in communities all over the West provide him with perspective.
“I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work in communities,” he said.
Rector has previously served on the Conservancy District and Western Rio Blanco Recreation District boards.