Letters to the Editor: July 28, 2020

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Don’t let RBC become a statistic

Dear Editor:

So the county commissioners and a few of their citizen cohorts decided for the whole county that we will ignore (and “opt-out” of) the governor’s mandatory mask order. The governor of this state has made sensible, wise choices in combating the spread of this pandemic in our state. His leadership has kept us off the “Red Zone” list, even though neighboring states, like Kansas and Arizona, have exploded. A mandatory mask order is the reasonable next step. For this county to think it doesn’t apply here, simply because we have few cases, plenty of ICU beds and no deaths, is ludicrous! That is all the more reason to remain vigilant, so we keep the numbers as low as possible.

“Wearing a mask is not a political statement. I don’t know how, in anybody’s mind, it became a game of political football. It’s simple. It’s common sense and it’s data. The virus doesn’t care what political party you are in. The virus doesn’t care what belief system you have. The virus doesn’t care what your ideology is. The virus is the virus and it is a threat to every single one of us.”

The above is from Governor Polis, he sums it up nicely in that one statement.

For those of you who think the mandate is stepping on your constitutional rights, you are wrong. It is no one’s “constitutional right” to endanger the life and well being of their neighbors or fellow citizens. Given the fact that anyone of you could be asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the disease, therefore it is common sense and our moral duty to do the right thing and wear a mask! 

This reminds me of when seat belts were made mandatory, we all heard the same crying, “Oh whaa, it’s my ‘constitutional right’ not to wear one, whaa, whaa, whaa. But look at you all now, you get in a car and buckle up. Simple as that. The data is undeniable, seat belts save lives. And so do masks. You need to cry over it for a bit (and perhaps have a family member or close friend die, to speed the process along), but in the end, you will all be strapping on your masks. So how about giving it a rest and get with the program, while you still have the chance.

We live in a recreational community, one of the biggest draws being hunting. The start of the season is less then a month away. Our town will be inundated by car loads of hunters from Texas, California, Arizona and Florida. Is it still going to be your “constitutional right” to not wear a mask? Will it be the out-of-state hunter’s “constitutional right” not to wear a mask? Think about it, the economy is bad enough now, wait until the whole western slope is a “Red Zone” and every business gets shut down. That is exactly what is going to happen, if this lackadaisical attitude is allowed to prevail in our community. I would like to think our local businesses would be on board and support a mandatory order. It would be very shortsighted of them not to. With a little due diligence now, they have a better chance of having a business in the future. Dropping the ball now could mean indefinite closures down the road … doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. You businesses, speak up and be heard, it means your livelihood!

Come on people, how about you use a little good sense, show some neighborly love and common courtesy. Stop with the righteous indignation and start giving this pandemic the respect it deserves! The life you save could be your own (or your father’s, mother’s, brother’s).

I beseech our local government officials, please take the lead and start setting the example! I want to be able to walk into our government buildings and conduct my business, knowing my town’s officials (who have been elected by tax paying citizens), respect me enough to simply wear a damn mask! Get a grip people, you’re not being asked to wear a jockstrap on your face…… it’s just a mask for God’s sake!

I am not alone, I have had this conversation with many prominent citizens, who are also shocked and dismayed by the blatant lack of concern in this community. It’s time more of us speak up. We have heard enough from the I’ll-do-as-I-please halfwits … wake up while you still can Meeker, Rangely and Rio Blanco County and don’t let our community become another bleak statistic! 

Matthew E. Wells and Sinclair G. Rios

Thank you, RDH

Dear Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was taken by ambulance to the ER at Rangely District Hospital. I wanted to express my feelings of how wonderful my mom was treated from the ambulance staff to the ER staff. I would like to thank Dr. Sutton, Dr. Hsu, Carie, Wendy, Makensie, Nick, Danna, Brianna, Celia, Laura and Amanda. If I left someone out, it was not intentional. They were all attentive, kind, and caring. Thank you to Shanna who transported my mom safely to St. Mary’s hospital. I think she enjoyed the ride since I wasn’t driving. You are all amazing and I hope you all stay safe during this pandemic. We are lucky to have such a team of caring professionals in our little Town of Rangely.      

Patti Williams

Thanks for golf tourney help

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank a multitude of people for helping to make the first annual Nick Lancaster Memorial Golf Tournament a huge success. This tournament would not have happened without the players, sponsors, volunteers and first rate golf course staff. The following businesses/individuals sponsored holes and/or contests: Yardley’s Automotive, Westco Swabbing, First String, Utah Gas Corp, Mountain View Adventures (Bob and Cathy Redmon), Joe Reed Team RE/MAX 4000, Lenora Smuts, Barb Widner, James Kuck, Big D’s, Ducey’s Electric, Deserado Mine-Blue Mountain Energy, Bank of the San Juans, Professional Touch, Duco Inc., Jack Richens and Terra Energy. Additional thanks to the Mullen Investment Group (Mike Mullen) for sponsoring the Hole in One Competition and to Celest Mullen and Henry Kiang for running it. Also thank you Trey Robie for sponsoring the keg contest.

We would also like to thank Butte Consulting (Kent and Jan Hejl), Kevin and Chelsea Hejl, Cedar Ridges Golf Course, Mike and Debbie Lancaster, Pinyon Tree Liquor, El Agave, Rangely True Value Hardware and Blue Mountain Inn and Suites for donations for the tournament. Big thanks to the RHS football Alumni members for cooking the lunch sponsored by Jon and Amorette Hawkins.

Thanks to Sylvia Dembowski of Get Your Stitch on (for making) and Justyne Peters of Heifer Gang Clothing (for designing) the hats and golf towels for the tournament. Also thanks to Gary and Kathy Staley at Sweetbriar for selling the hats in their store and Crimson Blankenship for helping sell them at the tournament. 

Most of all we would like to thank Chris Hejl (and his staff — Andrea Booker and Erin Willis) for all of his assistance, patience and hard work. You are amazing! Rangely is lucky to have the beautiful golf course that it does and even luckier to have you running it!

We hope to do it all again next year!

Bleed Green
The Family of Nick Lancaster