Market Street about to be surveyed

MEEKER I Surveying is about to begin on the Market Street sidewalk project. The design for the sidewalk plan will run from Watts Ranch Market to the mobile home park just past Twelfth Street on the north side and from Backcountry Realty’s office to the BLM/Forest Service building on the south side.
“It’s unlikely we’ll be able to build all of that,” said Town Administrator Sharon Day, “But the design will be done and ready to go if and when funding is available.”
Day, who has served as the town administrator for many years, has announced her intention to retire in spring 2012. At Tuesday’s board of trustees meeting the board agreed to meet again next week to discuss the job’s requirements and decide how to go about advertising for and hiring a new administrator.
There will be a public hearing Nov. 1 to enter into a formal agreement between the Town of Meeker and ERBM Park and Recreation District for the district to take over management of the town parks.
The board also held a telephone conference with Nancy Johnson from Fabray Architectural Lighting Design to discuss outdoor lighting standards and how to draft a lighting ordinance. She is currently working with the museum to upgrade the museum’s lighting plan.
“The concept of a lighting ordinance has come up in some of my conversations with citizens when I’ve been in Meeker,” Johnson said. “Bob Amick has been a great advocate for me to discuss lighting in your community.”
Amick, who was present at the meeting, and Dr. Bob Dorsett are both advocates of protecting Meeker’s dark skies and have previously appeared before the Board of Trustees with concerns about light pollution, particularly downtown.
According to Johnson, the value of a pro-active lighting ordinance is to address the potentially negative impacts of light: glare, trespass and pollution, quality and quantity, and efficiency, and on a positive note, to use lighting creatively within the community to convey character, define special districts, attract benefits, generate excitement, protect privacy and promote safety.
“What I have observed in the Town of Meeker is that there is so much potential to enhance the community with lighting,” she added.
“There are a lot of peddlers out there in the lighting industry that are making promises they can’t fulfill,” Johnson said. “A well-written lighting ordinance can clarify need and preference, and gives the jurisdiction something that is measurable and enforceable.”
More information about light pollution, as well as a model light ordinance, can be found at
Mayor Mandi Etheridge thanked Johnson for her presentation and for providing the materials and information for consideration.
Krystle Dunton, New Eden Pregnancy Care Services director, requested the use of the old elementary school building for their annual fund raising banquet in February. The board expressed approval that the building is beginning to be viewed as a potential location for community events. A quilt show was recently held in the building, the recreation district has held kickboxing classes and practice for their community theater production of “Cinderella” there, and will host a haunted house in the building in conjunction with their regular Halloween festivities downtown.
In other business, the board:
n Approved a liquor license renewal request for Ol’ Crows Beer & Beverage.
n Approved a bid for tires for the town’s loader to Jason’s Automotive. The tires will be mounted and balanced by Northwest Auto, which has the necessary equipment for the task.