Meeker 4-H Achievement Night …


The Meeker 4-H Achievement night was held last Thursday. See below for a complete list. Rangely will hold its annual achievement night on Oct. 18.


Kyden Aldridge – 1 yr, Charlee Bennett – 1 yr, Shaelene Blakley – 1 yr, Bradley Conrado – 1 yr, Tilden Gates – 1 yr, Toren Gates – 1 yr, Jada Gould – 1 yr, Rylan Grimes – 1yr, Mason Newman – 1 yr, Afton White – 1 yr, Eli Bennett – 2 yrs, Samuel Merz – 2 yrs, Dylan Rundberg – 2 yrs, Thomas Theos – 2 yrs, Joslin Spieth – 2 yrs, Jenna Pelloni – 3 yrs

Graduating Cloverbuds:

Eli Bennett, Shaelene Blakley, Bradley Conrado, Jenna Pelloni, Joslin Spieth

The 2018 Meeker Friend of 4-H is Terri Reed

The 2018 Meeker Parent of the Year is Chris & Stacey Archuleta

The 2018 Meeker Leader of the Year is Clint Shults

Junior Leaders:

Macy Collins – It’s Showtime Livestock Club, Hailey Scott – .22 Rifle Shooting Sports, Marryn Shults – Livestock Judging, Kiyoko Thelen – Archery

First Year Leaders:

Mary Thomson, Mindy Musser

Second Year Leaders:

Tristan Nielsen, Amy Rundberg, Corey Dilka, Elizabeth Moyer, Jaclyn Otabachian, Kendra Ward, Michelle Spieth, Pamela Benthall, Richard Brooks, Robert Thelen, Ross McGee

Third Year Leaders:

Crystal Roberts, Meghan Davis, Silvia Otabachian-Smith, Zack Allen

Fourth year through Ninth Year Leaders

Cortney Aldridge – 4yrs, Jamie Turner – 4yrs, Matt Scott – 5yrs, Tricia Rupp – 5yrs, John Scott – 6yrs, Sonya Garcia – 6yrs, Betty Kracht – 7yrs, Tobey Willey – 8 yrs, Tom Knowles – 9yrs

10+ Year Leaders:

Arlene Estes – 13yrs, Kathy Collins – 13yrs, Ann Marie Scritchfield – 14yrs, Hal Pearce – 18yrs, Lisa Walsh – 20 yrs, Tera Shults – 20yrs, Clint Shults – 23yrs, Bonnie Coryell – 33yrs, Bob Klenda – 35yrs


 It’s Showtime Livestock Club: It’s Showtime helped setup for the 9 Health Fair in Meeker this spring. What a way to serve the community!

 Meeker Sheep & Goat Growers: This club had two community pride projects this year. They not only hosted the Sheep Lead program at Fair again this year, but also volunteered at the art reception during Sheepdog Trials. Thank you for your dedication to our community.

 Cackling Hoppers: This year the Cackling Hoppers went back to the Walbridge Wing and took various critters. The residents came out on the patio and enjoyed petting and watching the animals. Residents also enjoyed interacting with the members who brought the animals. Thank you for being involved with our community seniors!

 Meeker Sewing: The Sewing Club’s community project this year was helping to mend the costumes for the Meeker Massacre Pageant. Thank you for helping make sure that the Pageant participants were well dressed. The Sewing Club also helped with the construction of the Night Sky. Thank you for helping get that started.

 Meeker Ghost Riders: This year the Meeker Ghost Riders served our community by horse backing in to the wilderness area and cleaning up two old hunting campsites and packing the trash back out. Thank you for helping to keep our forests beautiful!!

 Meeker Marvelous Mutts: This year the Marvelous Mutts helped with the Jammin’ Lamb Festival during the Meeker Sheepdog Trials. Thanks for helping “Serve” your community.

 Meeker Council: This year the Meeker Council hosted a Senior Citizen Game Day. Seniors in our community came together to play games and visit with our young people. The Meeker Council also picked up rocks from the track and outdoor arena to make sure the horses are safe. Good job Council!

 Meeker Beef Club: The Meeker Beef Club cleaned the fairgrounds and the grandstands multiple times at the Fairgrounds to make sure they were spick an span for Community Events . Thank you for helping keep our community clean.

 Livestock Judging: This year the Livestock Judging helped in our community by docking lambs, brand-ing cattle, & cleaning and sheering fleece for members of the community. Thank you for lending a hand.


100% Completion:

 Meeker – It’s Showtime Livestock Club

 Meeker – Archery

 Meeker – Beef & All Species Club

 Meeker – Cackling Hoppers

 Meeker – Marvelous Mutts Dog Club

 Meeker – Sewing

 Meeker – Sheep & Goat Growers

 Meeker – .22 Rifle

 Meeker – Shotgun

 Meeker – Western Heritage

 Meeker – White River Livestock Club

 Meeker – White River Swine Club

75% Completion:

 Meeker – Cloverbuds

 Meeker – Fishing Club

 Meeker – Heritage Arts

 Meeker – Ghost Riders

 Meeker – Mallets Leathercraft

 Meeker – Livestock Judging

 Rio Blanco Horse Judging


Meeker Sewing Club: Evangeline Que, Reese Clatterbaugh, Jessy Pelloni, & Hailey Scott

Rio Blanco Horse Judging: Deana Wood

Deana Wood (left) of Meeker received first place achievement award as an all-state horse judger for the state of Colorado in the junior division and overall. Wood earned a custom belt buckle from Molly’s Custom Silver, graciously sponsored by Bill and Kim Ekstrom. With Wood are team mascot Blake Smith (center), and coach/mascot mom, Silvia Smith (right).
If you see Wood in the community please extend congratulations her way. Wood and the rest of her teammates—Gracee Gardner, Andrew Spieth and Leah Wood—have represented Rio Blanco County 4-H very well.

Ghostrider’s Club: Brendan Clatterbaugh


First year members:
Allison Kobald, Carlos Carrillo, Casey Brink, Chakwah Brink, Chloe LeBlanc, Cleone McPherson, Dawson Richardson, Falon Gilbert, Fia Jonsson, Gracee Gardner, Isabelle Gilbert, Jenna Rippy, Jonan VonRoen, Kailynn Watson, Larrissa Richardson, Lauryn Shults, Lillian Blakley, Natasha McCook, Owen Etchart, Ruger Bane, Samuel Que, Shane Edinger, Tanner Shults

Second year members:

Aaron Archuleta, Adrianna Price, Aiden Buckler, Alejandro Garcia, Charlotte Que, Cooper Arnold, Dale Musser, Dublin Price, Emma Buckler, Evangeline Que, Garrett Merz, Gavin Allen, Hayden Garcia, Hayley Rippy, Henry Musser, Jace Vroman, Jacob Roberts, James Petty, Jazzmyn Wakefield, Jimmy Musser Kayleigh Smith, Leah Wood, Morgan Keetch, Morrigan Smith, Payton Arnold,
Porter Hossack, Rayna VonRoenn, Reese Clatterbaugh, Sidney Keetch, Taylor Kirkpatrick/Bain, Valynn Broderick, Wesley Hubbard, Zachery Newman

Third year members:
Annalee Goodwin, Blaine Taylor, Charlie Rogers, Elijah Rundberg, Harley Richardson, Jose Garcia, Kelsay Atchley, Landin Lopez, Lissbeth Sanchez, Matthew Willey, Reed Goedert, Stacie Mack, Steven Taylor

Fourth year members:
Aimee Shults, Amy Jo Rosendahl, Andrew Spieth, Brendan Clatterbaugh, Brooke Archuleta, Emily Archuleta, Garrett Edinger, Grace Roberts, Hayden Shults, Haylee Edinger, Holt Pelloni, Iris Holmes, Jessica Pelloni, Jill Ward, Mason Allen, Montey Franklin, Reese Harvey, Spencer Gates, Ty Goedert

Fifth year members:

Dawson Willey, Deana Wood, Kiyoko Thelen, Skylar Grimes

Sixth year members:

Abby Rosendahl, Cristopher Ashcraft, Ella Hubbard, Eva Scritchfield, Gabriel Richardson, Hailey Scott, Ivan Carrillo Ochoa, Jayde Turner, Justin Henderson, Kayla Scott, Nevaeh LeBlan, Rowdy Rosendahl, Sarah Kracht, Teagan Sheridan

Seventh year members:

Damien Kent, Hadley Franklin, Jake Edinger, Marryn Shults, Melayni Wangnild, Tacy Crawford

Eighth year members:

Jillian Bumguardner, Kaden Franklin, Madison Kindler, Trae Kennedy

Ninth year members:

Austin Lopez, Autumn Hobbs, Jared Henderson, Kasey Rosendahl, Sierra Gomez, Stephen Walsh

10+ year members:

Cori Mohr – 10yrs
Dayton Willey – 10yrs
Kolbi Franklin – 10yrs
Kyle Wangnild – 10yrs
Mary Baylie – 10yrs
Tatumn Kennedy – 10yrs

Macy Collins – 13yrs

Shooting Sports Awards:

The .22 Rifle Make Jon Proud Shooting Sports Safety Award, Donated in memory of Jon Wangnild goes to: Jacob Roberts

The Rich Ruchti Memorial Award, which is Donated by Eleanor Ruchti Carter, goes to: Casey Brink

The Most improved in Shooting Sports Award, Donated by Chris Uphoff, goes to: Casey Brink

The Western Heritage Shooting Sports Club would also like to recognize two individuals who once again made the Western Heritage Project possible. These two individuals were kind enough to allow us to use their personal firearms again this year, without which the program could not have continued. Those individuals are Bill Jordan & Bernie Roybal. We wanted to honor them and thank them for their continued support of this part of the Rio Blanco 4-H Shooting Sports Program.

Livestock Awards:

– Winner of the Supreme Swine Award is: Madison Kindler

This award is sponsored by The White River Swine Club

– Winner of the Outstanding Senior Livestock Award is: Madison Kindler

This award was donated by Bill Ekstrom and Bill Jordan. This plaque will be on display in the Exhibit Hall display case.

– The winner of the Outstanding Junior (14 and under) Livestock Award is: Matthew Willey

Donated by Bill Ekstrom and Bill Jordan. This plaque will be on display in the Exhibit Hall display case.

– The winner of the Wayne Moody Memorial Most Dedicated Horse Member is: Hailey Scott

This award is sponsored by the Wayne Moody Family.


Our 4-H program has been fortunate enough to monetarily award General project exhibitors, these are the kids who don’t sell livestock at the sale and have completed their indoor exhibit at fair. This year each kid will receive a check for $30.30! We would like to thank the Meeker Lions Club and White River Electric Association for their generous support of our general 4-H projects!

Aaron Archuleta, Aiden Buckler, Allison Kobald, Amy Jo Rosendahl, Andrew Spieth, Austin Lopez, Blaine Taylor, Brooke Archuleta, Casey Brink, Chakwah Brink, Cleone McPherson, Cooper Arnold, Cori Mohr, Dawson Richardson, Elijah Rundberg, Emma Buckler, Evangeline Que, Gabriel Richardson, Garrett Merz, Gavin Allen, Hailey Scott, Hayden Shults, Henry Musser, Jacob Roberts, James Petty, Jayde Turner, Jazzmyn Wakefield, Jenna Rippy, Jessica Pelloni, Jill Ward
Jose Garcia, Kayla Scott,Kayleigh Smith, Landin Lopez, Larrissa Richardson, Montey Franklin, Morgan Keetch, Morrigan Smith, Natasha McCook, Payton Arnold, Rayna VonRoenn, Reese Clatterbaugh, Rowdy Rosendahl, Skylar Grimes, Steven Taylor, Tacy Crawford, Teagan Sheridan, Wesley Hubbard, Zachery Newman

General Project Outstanding Exhibitor (Intermediate) (Hoodie)

Reese Clatterbaugh – Sewing Project

This year on our Butter braid Fundraiser we had a seller who sold over $1000 worth of Butter braids. We would like to recognize James Petty for selling $1380.00 in Butter Braids

4-H Foundation Awards

Meeker Outstanding Junior Member – Elijah Rundberg

Meeker Outstanding Inter. Member – Kayla Scott

Meeker Outstanding Senior Member – Macy Collins

Junior Leader – Macy Collins

Nancy Beard Rabbit & Poultry Award –

Danforth – Kolbi Franklin


Shooting Sports (Sponsored by Cabela’s)

Shooting Sports – .22

Junior Grand Display Board – Jacob Roberts

Intermediate Grand Display Board – Andrew Spieth

– Shooting Sports – Shotgun

Junior Grand Display Board – Garrett Merz

– Shooting Sports – Archery

Junior Grand Display Board – Cooper Arnold

Junior Grand Stand Alone – Elijah Rundberg

Intermediate Grand Stand Alone – Teagan Sheridan

Senior Grand Stand Alone – Cori Mohr

– Shooting Sports – Western Heritage

Intermediate Grand Display Board – Kayla Scott

Senior Grand Display Board – Hailey Scott

– Shooting Sports – Muzzle Loading

Junior Grand Display Board – Dawson Richardson

Intermediate Grand Display Board – Kayla Scott

Senior Grand Display Board – Hailey Scott

Cake Decorating

Unit 5 – Themed Junior Grand – Morrigan Smith

Unit 5 – Character Junior Grand – Kayleigh Smith


Junior Grand Display Board – Garrett Merz

Clothing Construction (Sponsored by Bank of the San Juans)

Artistic Clothing – Jr Grand Champion – Reese Clatterbaugh

Artistic Clothing – Sr Grand Champion – Zachery Newman

Artistic Buymanship – Sr Grand Champ – Tacy Crawford

STEAM1, Bottoms – Jr Grand Champ – Natasha McCook

STEAM1, Bottoms – Int Grand Champ – Larrissa Richardson

STEAM1, Dress – Jr Grand Champ – Jill Ward

STEAM 2, Top – Int Grand Champ – Rayna Von Roenn

STEAM 2, Skirt – Jr Grand Champ – Emma Buckler

STEAM 2, Dress – Int Grand Champ – Jessica Pelloni

Unit 7 – Jr Grand Champion – Evangeline Que

STEAM 3 – Sr Grand Champion – Hailey Scott

STEAM 3 – Int Grand Champion – Kayla Scott

Leathercraft (Sponsored by Bob Klenda)

Intro – Jr Grand Champion – Wesley Hubbard Intro – Sr Grand Champion – Jazzmyn Wakefield

Leather Carving – Jr Grand Champ – Garrett Merz

Leather Carving – Sr Grand Champ – Gabriel Richardson

Pictoral Carving – Int Grand Champ – Rowdy Rosendahl

Creative Stamping – Int Grand Champ – Jayde Turner

Creative Stamping – Sr Grand Champ – Hailey Scott

Heritage Arts (Sponsored by Bank of the San Juans)

Junior Grand Champion – Morgan Keetch

Intermediate Grand Champion – Rayna VonRoenn


Senior Supreme Lamb Award Champion—Macy Collins
Senior Supreme Lamb Award 3rd Place—Sierra Gomez
Senior Lamb Breeders Award Reserve—Macy Collins
Senior Lamb Breeders Award 3rd Place—Sierra Gomez

Senior Supreme Goat Award Grand—Macy Collins
Senior Supreme Goat Award Reserve—Tatumn Kennedy
Senior Supreme Goat Award 3rd Place—Sierra Gomez
Junior Supreme Goat Award Grand—Spencer Gates
Junior Supreme Goat Award Reserve—Matthew Willey
Senior Breeders Goat Award Grand—Macy Collins
Senior Breeders Goat Award Reserve—Autumn Hobbs
Junior Breeders Goat Award Grand—Spencer Gates
Junior Breeders Goat Award Reserve—Matthew Willey


Swine: 1 – Abby Rosendahl, 2 – Kasey Rosendahl

Beef: 1 – Marryn Shults, 2 – Stephen Walsh, 3 – Garrett Edinger

Sheep: 1 – Leah Wood, 2 – Macy Collins

Goats: 1 – Matthew Willey, 2 – Kailynn Watson


Congratulations to our State Fair Qualifiers, we had 33 kids send their projects to compete at State Fair this year in the Indoor Department:

Andrew Spieth, Cooper Arnold, Cori Mohr, Dawson Richardson, Elijah Rundberg, Emma Buckler, Evangeline Que, Garrett Merz, Hailey Scott, Jacob Roberts, Jayde Turner, Jazzmyn Wakefield, Jessica Pelloni, Kayla Scott, Larrissa Richardson, Morgan Keetch, Natasha McCook, Rayna VonRoenn, Reese Clatterbaugh, Rowdy Rosendahl, Tacy Crawford, Teagan Sheridan

Shooting Sports

We would also like to recognize the 4h members that competed at State Fair in Archery, Shotgun, and .22. These members qualified at the county shoot and traveled to State Fair to compete at the state level:

Blaine Taylor, Casey Brink, Henry Musser, Jacob Roberts, Steven Taylor


Some of our livestock members also traveled to Pueblo and competed at State Fair. Our county was well represented:

Macy Collins


Reserve Champions:

Junior Breeding Beef Reserve Champion – Montey Franklin

Intermediate Breeding Beef Reserve Champion – Hadley Franklin

Senior Breeding Beef Reserve Champion – Kolbi Franklin

Junior Beef Reserve Champion – Leah Wood

Intermediate Beef Reserve Champion – Hayden Shults

Senior Beef Reserve Champion – Stephen Walsh

Junior Dog Reserve Champion – Holt Pelloni

Intermediate Dog Reserve Champion – Grace Roberts

Intermediate Goat Reserve Champion – Spencer Gates

Senior Goat Reserve Champion – Sierra Gomez

Junior Horse Reserve Champion – Taylor Kirkpatrick/Bain

Intermediate Horse Reserve Champion – Hadley Franklin

Junior Poultry Reserve Champion – Matthew Willey

Intermediate Poultry Reserve Champion – Rowdy Rosendahl

Senior Poultry Reserve Champion – Jared Henderson

Junior Rabbit Reserve Champion – Hayden Garcia

Intermediate Rabbit Reserve Champion – Jessica Pelloni

Senior Sheep Reserve Champion – Sierra Gomez

Senior Breeding Sheep Reserve Champion – Sierra Gomez

Grand Champions:

Junior Breeding Beef Grand Champion – Charlie Rogers

Intermediate Breeding Beef Grand Champion – Deana Wood

Senior Breeding Beef Grand Champion – Macy Collins

Junior Beef Grand Champion – Charlie Rogers

Intermediate Beef Grand Champion – Deana Wood

Senior Beef Grand Champion – Macy Collins

Junior Dog Grand Champion – James Petty

Intermediate Dog Grand Champion – Eva Scritchfield

Junior Breeding Goat Grand Champion – Matthew Willey

Intermediate Breeding Goat Grand Champion – Spencer Gates

Senior Goat Grand Champion – Tatumn Kennedy

Junior Horse Grand Champion – Leah Wood

Intermediate Horse Grand Champion – Deana Wood

Senior Horse Grand Champion – Hailey Scott

Intermediate Breeding Poultry Grand Champion – Ella Hubbard

Junior Poultry Grand Champion – Montey Franklin

Intermediate Poultry Grand Champion – Ty Goedert

Senior Poultry Grand Champion – Steven Taylor

Junior Rabbit Grand Champion – Elijah Rundberg

Intermediate Rabbit Grand Champion – Jimmy Musser

Junior Sheep Grand Champion – Leah Wood

Intermediate Sheep Grand Champion – Jessica Pelloni

Senior Sheep Grand Champion – Tatumn Kennedy

Senior Breeding Sheep Grand Champion – Macy Collins


President: Mary Baylie

Vice President Hailey Scott

Secretary: Casey Brink

Treasurer: Montey Franklin

Reporter: Aimee Shults

Historian: Kayla Scott

Activity Director: Hayden Shults

Pledge Leaders: Blaine Taylor & Steven Taylor

Senators: Marryn Shults & Tatumn Kennedy

Alternate Senators: Hailey Scott & Chakwah Brink