Meeker BOE approves hires, discusses four-day week

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MEEKER I Barone Middle School Principal Jim Hanks substituted for Meeker School District Superintendent Chris Selle leading Monday’s Board of Education regular August meeting. Selle was with Meeker’s sixth grade classes at their annual retreat at YMCA’s Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby.


Of considerable concern to the board was the discussion reported in the paper that at the Aug. 21 meeting of the Meeker Board of Trustees it was stated that personnel from the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) said four-day school weeks discourage businesses from locating in those towns.

The board expressed concern that this four-day school issue might negatively impact the district’s request on the November’s ballot for bonding authority to fund renovations to the high school and replacement of the bus garage. Hanks reported that Selle had been in communication with staff on this matter and has the data to show how positive the four-day week has actually been.

Board member Tom Allen pointed out that there was really no correlation anyway between the district needing significant renovations to the high school/bus garage and the four-day school question.

The board committed to getting the facts to town leadership and addressing the issue in the newspaper. (See report on page 1A.) The board also wanted to track down the OEDIT personnel who are saying this and see what their data is to support their statements.


Personnel hiring approved by the board included food services worker Judy Kurth, classified and certified substitutes Kelcee Vroman and Kathy Maybury, classified substitute Christine Gallo, and Barone Middle School assistant football coaches Mitch Jacobs and Kyle Frary.


District policies including inter-district open enrollment choice, student threat assessment and student discipline were reviewed and forwarded for final decision in September and October.


In a special session at their Aug. 13 meeting, the board approved putting a bond request for $39.7 million on the November ballot. This option repurposes some of the existing high school structure while still funding construction of the new academic wing, new gym, bus garage, and making safety upgrades.

The board also committed to seeking grant assistance from the state Building Excellent Schools Today Act program and other sources to help fund the project and reduce the amount of construction bonding required.


By Reed Kelley |