Meeker Locals

Happy Labor Day! This Monday is Labor Day, celebrated for the first time in 1882 in New York City as a “workingman’s holiday”. It became a national holiday in 1894.
Just a few more days until school starts in Meeker. Hopefully, there will still be some school supplies left in the aisles for us.
Speaking of school supplies, does it seem like those lists get longer and longer every year? And Harold wonders why the schools are still using regular old film for photos, deeming it necessary for parents to chip in for old-fashioned photo processing.
Gasoline prices in Meeker continue to defy averages, and not in a good way. The state of Colorado’ s average is $3.433 per gallon, lower than the national average of $3.615 per gallon. Meeker prices, meanwhile, are at $3.79 per gallon for regular unleaded, a full $0.36 per gallon higher than the state’s average.
Happy birthday this week to Annie Purcell, Sept. 1; Larry Johnson, Renae Blazon and Corey Dilka, Sept. 2; Tonya Morris and David Cole, Sept. 4; Kimberly Murray, Sept. 5; Deloy Cook, Tahler Sulzbach, Kirsten Brown and Taylor Gotschal, Sept. 6; Julie Cook and Kim Dodds, Sept. 7.
Happy anniversary to Travis and Katie Day, Sept. 4; Joe and Donna Collins, Sept. 5; Todd and Tonya Morris, Sept. 5; Fred and Sharon Day, Sept. 6 and Sam and Helen Stranathan, Sept. 7.
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