Meeker Locals

With the Meeker Classic behind us once again, and the kids back in school, it feels like fall is really upon us now, even though there’s still a full week until the official beginning of autumn. The woolly bear caterpillars (or woolly worms, for you southern transplants) are out in force, looking for winter dwellings. In the spring, according to Farmer’s Almanac, they’ll make cocoons and eventually become moths. The weather forecasting folklore is, scientists say, just folklore. If the width of the caterpillar’s black middle band tells us anything, it’s how wet last winter was. Happy belated birthday this week to Amy Que, Sept. 13. Happy birthday this week to Selena Steele, Karen Garcia, David May and Mike Gould, Sept. 15; Levi Roach, Nicolae Cojocaru, Shelly Craig, Susan Long-Shelton  and Carla Allen, Sept. 16; Michelle Smith, Emily Holmes, Sept. 17; Chris Ruckman, Jacob Neilsen, and Savanah May, Sept. 18; Roni Bibb, Lance Pakuer, and Debbie Cook, Sept. 19; Trula Simmons and Tod Gould, Sept. 20; Savannah Johnson, Sept. 21.Happy anniversary to Dan and Amy Chinn, Sept. 16; John and Dianne Hutchins, Sept. 18; Doug and Trula Simmons, Sept. 20; Kurt and Jackie Pozorski, Sept. 21.Have you visited the Herald Times on Facebook at We’re also on Twitter at Like the Herald Times’s page, or become a follower on Twitter to comment online on articles and photos! Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes and other local social news to or mail information to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, CO 81641.