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Snow? Already? Yep, combined with some pretty chilly weather, too. Good hunting weather, hopefully, as locals and visitors alike head for the hills.
The snow might be falling, but gas prices aren’t. The average price in Colorado is stable at $3.24 for regular unleaded. The lowest price for regular unleaded in Meeker is at Kum ‘n Go, at $3.75 a gallon. Prices in Rifle are comparable, while the average in Craig is $3.69, according to, which compares gas prices nationwide, down to specific cities.
Unbelievable news story this week: In Pinellas County, Fla., commissioners voted to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water in response to complaints by anti-government activists. While dentists argue that fluoride has greatly reduced the incidence of cavities, especially in children, the St. Petersburg Times reported Tea Party activist Tony Caso as saying, “This is all part of an agenda that’s being pushed forth by the so-called globalists in our government — to keep the people stupid so they don’t realize what’s going on.”  Seriously?
Happy birthday this week to Morgan Tegeder and Ellen Conrado, Oct. 13; Gerald Oldland, Natosha Clatterbaugh, Alex Freeman, Ryann, and Reese Arrington, Oct. 14; Gary Moyer, Corey Padilla, Sam Love and Rachel Smith, Oct. 15; Clinton Burke, Bonnie Carden, Trish Hallebach, Mitch Bettis, JoAnn Ruckman, Debi King and Troy Hilkey, Oct. 16; Laura Hollenbaugh, Joe Neff, Garrett Kiser, Oct. 17; Rodney Dunham, Oct. 18; Judy Davis, Oct. 19.
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