Meeker Locals

Monday night’s trick-or-treating weather was quite possibly the best seen in years. You could actually see the kids’ costumes for once.
Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour this Saturday night as we make the switch back to Daylight Saving Time. Yep, it’s time once again to “lose” an hour, so you might want to get some extra sleep for the next day or two in preparation.
Speaking of preparing, there are only three weeks until Thanksgiving, and a mere 52 days until Christmas. Start making those lists and checking them twice!
While gas prices continue to fall, Meeker continues to pay more than the average American and more than the average Coloradan. Are we just special? Regular unleaded is at $3.79 at most Meeker stations. The average across the nation is $3.45 and in Colorado, $3.48.
Happy birthday to Dylan Mobley and T.Vance Watt, Nov. 3; John Hutchins and Keith Rholl, Nov. 4; Natalie Steiner, Sydney Cochran, Ronald Robb and Claudia Shults, Nov. 6; Melisa Lieberman and Tim Glass, Nov. 7; Libby Morton and Keith Whitaker, Nov. 8; Shey Wangnild, Nov. 9.
Happy anniversary to Luke and Anni Purcell, Nov. 9; Patrick and Marti Walsh, Nov. 10.
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