Meeker Locals

haroldtymes4cIn case you didn’t catch it in last week’s paper, it is no longer politically correct (and we are all about being politically correct, if you believe some of our letters to the editor), to refer to Meeker’s claim to historic fame as the “Meeker Massacre.” Henceforth, the event in question is to be referred to as the “Meeker Incident.” As someone once said, “When the Indians killed the white men, we called it a massacre. When the white men killed the Indians, we called it a victory.” After 125 years, it’s about time we made the adjustment, folks.
Speaking of letters to the editor, all of you who’ve been so diligent to cast your opinions in black and white, have you sent Harold any mail? Are you discriminating against fictitious columnists? Maybe Harold should write a letter to the editor. Seriously, thank goodness we live in a country with freedom of the press, where everyone is able to voice their opinion whether anyone else agrees with them or not.
The weather probably could not have been more cooperative for the second annual Smoking River Pow Wow and the annual Fall Festival downtown. Hopefully, you were able to participate in both. If you planned it right, you got a free lunch and a free — albeit early — dinner on Saturday. Kudos once again to the teams of local volunteers who work tirelessly to bring these events to pass, and a huge thank you to the members of the Northern Ute Tribe who shared their culture, their friendship, and an entire buffalo (about 450 pounds of meat) with the town of Meeker and guests.
A family from the Roaring Fork Valley stopped in Meeker Saturday, but not for the powwow or the festival. They were on the way to Maybell in search of the wild horses. Hopefully, they saw some, because if the federal government gets its way (and it usually does) the wild horse herds of western Colorado will soon be a distant memory.
A belated happy birthday to Dee Ann Goedert, who celebrated Sunday, Sept. 27. Celebrating birthdays this first week of October: Fred Ellis, Cole Brown and Kathy Warren, Oct. 1; Blayne Fread and Stanley Garcia, Oct. 2; Jill Dunbar and Ken Maybury, Oct. 3; Tom Allen, Oct. 4; Pat Turner, Oct. 5, Deanna Lawson and Jana Campbell, Oct. 7.
Happy anniversary to Brent and Carol Rowles, Oct. 4.
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