Meeker Locals

Members of the Southern Ute tribe performed a snow dance last week near Vail in hopes of upping the snowpack numbers for the year, which has been unseasonably dry across the western half of the state.
In the meantime, if this dry spell continues, installing a sprinkler system around the Capitol Christmas Tree once it’s picked might be a good idea. It would be awfully embarrassing to tell the Speaker of the House that the Capitol Christmas Tree was torched in a wildfire.
Considering the surprise Broncos win against the Steelers Sunday, perhaps we ought to look to a Tebow prayer for snow in conjunction with prayers for a playoff win.
Happy (slightly) belated birthday Katie Day, Jan. 11. Happy birthday to Cameron Glasscock and Earl Shrode today, Jan. 12; JD Merriam and Chip Brown, Jan. 13; Angelo Theos, Jan. 14; Hal Pearce, Jan. 15; Shannon Merriam, Kinzy Burke and Teagan Oliver, Jan. 16; Thomas Kennedy, Steven Walsh and Mike Tate, Jan. 17; John Hampton Hightower, Jan. 18.
Happy anniversary today to Paul and Shannon Sheridan, Jan. 11. Happy anniversary to Lisa and David Piper, Jan. 18, and to Johnny and Patti Arrington, Jan. 16.
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