Meeker Locals

If you noticed last week’s ad from local dentist Cliff Chapin that he is not, in fact, retiring; and a number of Facebook posts letting folks know Meeker Drugs has no intention of closing its doors; combined with a rumor or two that a couple of local restaurants are closing down, you might feel panicky about the state of Meeker’s economy. Or, if you’ve lived here long enough, you might just wonder who has the wild imagination and the loose lips.
We can confirm (thanks to the ad) that Dr. Chapin is not, in fact, retiring, and Meeker Drugs has no intention of shutting down. As to the restaurants, they’re all still open, with the exception of Clark’s which is just closed for the season.
Looking for some reasons to celebrate this week? Today is National Popcorn Day. Friday is Penguin Awareness Day, and Saturday is National Hugging Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day. Please do not hug any squirrels on Saturday.
Congratulations to newlyweds Steve and Sharon Parr, who were married this month. Sharon is the mother of all-American wrestler Joe LeBlanc, who was featured in a Denver Post article Jan. 8 about his quest for an NCAA championship title.
Happy belated birthday to Torrie Cook, Jan. 13. Celebrating birthdays this week: Logan Hale, Ellen Pettijohn and Steve Balloga, Jan. 19; Wendy Gutierrez, Theo Stewart and Doris Welle, Jan. 20; Eva Scritchfield, Charlie Day, Patrick Walsh and Carter Strate, Jan. 22; Justin Giao, Jan. 23; Cliff Chapin, Sam Hightower, Bob Carden and David Henderson, Jan. 24; Artie Parr, Jan 25.
Happy anniversary to Web and Christine Frantz, Jan. 25.
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