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While the recent snowfall was a welcome addition to the high country, it sure made driving a mess. That said, this has been one of the strangest winters we’ve had in a long while. Perhaps we should all start doing the rain dance in preparation for the summer ahead.
Need a reason to celebrate this week as we roll right into February? Wednesday, Feb. 1 is National Freedom Day. We’re not sure who established it, or what kind of freedom is being honored, but at least no one will get confused by the name. There were a number of folks on Twitter last week wondering why we set apart a holiday for milk. Yep, they mistook MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) Day for milk day. There were at least as many asking who Martin Luther King Jr. was. Perhaps “twits” is a more accurate description for these Twitter peeps.
Happy birthday this week to Melanie and Lyle McKee, Jan. 26; Earl Stout, Jim Cook, Bonnie Kracht and Makaila Etchart, Jan. 27; Mike Whalin, Twila Morris and Curll Kline, Jan. 28; Thomas Garrett, Jan. 29; Vicki Watson and Kai Turner, Jan 30; Dennis Norvell, Steven Whalin and Sofia Cojocaru, Jan. 31; Karen Jensen, Tyrell Turner and Coy Leonard, Feb. 1.
Happy anniversary to Ted and JoAnn Ruckman, Jan. 30; Tim and Cindy Nelson, Jan. 31.
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