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Wahoo! Both the girls’ and the boys’ basketball teams are headed off to the next step toward a state championship! Congratulations!
The Meeker Chamber of Commerce has encouraged local businesses to decorate their windows this week in support of the teams.
The old saying about March is “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” We shall see if that holds true this year.
Today is National Pig Day as well as Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day. Please do not attempt to combine the two. For those who like to plan ahead, next week is national bubble week and national crochet week. If it’s cold enough, you can try blowing bubbles and letting them freeze. If it’s that cold, it would also be a good time to wear something crocheted.
Happy birthday this first week of March to Martha Cole and Joseph Scherbarth, March 1; Ted Gilchrist, Patrick Love and Nori Pearce, March 2; Tia McKee and Sam Nieslanik, March 3; Matthew Goss, March 4; Brady Nay, March 5; Heather Merriam, Hayden Garcia, Brandon Jensen and George Back, March 6; Rylie Allen, March 7.
Happy anniversary to Dennis and Ruth Koenig, March 5.
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