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haroldtymes4cIt might be the busiest time of the year around here. The first rifle season starts this weekend, and already hunters from around the nation are swarming into the mountains around Meeker to claim their spot and start scouting their prey. We hope, the weather will cooperate this year, and keep the critters in sight.
It would be nice if they’d stay in the mountains (the deer, not the hunters). According to CDOT, roadkill accidents occur “disproportionately” between Meeker and Rifle, due at least in part to the increase in traffic over the past few years.
It could be worse, however. While Coloradans have a one in 163 chance of hitting a deer, West Virginians have a one in 39 chance of hitting a deer. Does that say something about the number of deer, the number of roads or the ability of the drivers?
There’s nothing quite like a winning homecoming game to engender a rush of community pride and joy. Great job, Cowboys! Keep up the good work.
Sunday night saw high winds and stormy weather in Meeker, including some pea-sized hail. It seems that in a number of lower elevations the trees aren’t going to get a chance to show off their fall colors, as the leaves are simply being ripped from the branches by wind and weather.
A study out of England suggests a possible link between candy consumption in childhood and criminal behavior in adults. Hmm. Could candy be next on the list of items to be regulated by the government? Where you have to show ID, and provide a signature in order to buy a chocolate bar the way we have to buy cold medicine?
Even the animals are getting grouchy these days. A couple who beat the daylights out of the person in front of them at a Taco Bell drive-through (he was “taking too long” to suit them). A 74-year-old woman in Florida was mauled in her front yard. No, not by roving dogs, not even by a bear, or an alligator. The woman was attacked by a pack of — raccoons. She incurred serious cuts from her neck to her legs from the five raccoons. Creepy.
Celebrating birthdays this week: Melissa Kendall, Oct. 8; Alyssa Sawyer, Oct. 10; Shannon Sheridan, Oct. 11; Gabrielle Goettel, Oct. 12; Morgan Tegeder, Oct. 13; and Gary Oldland, Oct. 14.
Happy anniversary to Bill and Roni Bibb, Oct. 9.
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