Meeker Locals

Is the lovely warm weather really so odd, or are we just remembering the last two or three years when winter clung stubbornly to the calendar until June or later? No worries, we’ll probably have at least one more snowstorm before summer officially arrives. Meanwhile, enjoy the warmth. After the last two years of shivering through May and June, we deserve it. As long as we get enough rain to satisfy the thirsty ground, we’re good, right?
We are, believe it or not, a mere five weeks away from Memorial Day and the start of all the summer festivities.
Happy birthday this week to Terri Hale and Kirstie Strate, April 26; Margie Joy and Isaac Quinones, April 27; Sage Chapin and Lisa Walsh, April 28, Dee Cox, Paul Sheridan and Shelby Burke, April 29; Shelly Frary, Callie Muxlow and Cory Ruchti, April 30; Danny Garcia, May 1; Jim Joy and Hank Watson, May 2.
Happy anniversary this week to Buddy and Lisa Pakuer and Gary and Patti Merriam, April 26; and Hank and Karla Watson, May 2.
And a very special birthday greeting to Talen Walker, who will one 1-year-old on Sunday, April 29.
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