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haroldtymes4cDid you know Meeker had its own bottling company back at the turn of the century? (Not the most recent turn of the century, mind you, the last century!) The soda pop bottling company was owned by Al Strehlke. In 1919, Strehlke saw the benefit of moving his operations nearer to the railroad, and opened a bottling company in Craig. If you run across any old glass bottles, check out their origin, you could find a Meeker original!
Apparently Harold was napping back in November 2000 when it became legal to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Two such dispensaries have opened up in downtown Glenwood Springs. Dispensary is such a nice word. So much better than “head shop.”
Marijuana for medical use is not legal for the general public, but individuals who suffer from various debilitating physical conditions — glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, just to name a few — and receive a recommendation from a licensed Colorado physician can become card-carrying members of Colorado’s state medical marijuana user registry. They can then “grow their own” or designate a caregiver — such as a dispensary — as a supplier.
The stuff is pricey — up to $500 an ounce — and the so-called “ganjapreneurs” are finding the business generates a decent income. One shop on the eastern slope reported $105,000 a month in sales.
Belated happy birthday greetings to Brenda Allen, Oct. 1; Johnny Arrington, Oct. 3; Sam Stranathan, Oct. 4; Elijah Deming and Kelton Turner, Oct. 6; Devon Harman, Oct. 7; Kathleen Kelly, Oct. 8; Koley Borchard, Oct. 9; Dean Parr, Oct. 12. Dave and Beverly Steinman celebrated another happy anniversary Oct. 9. We with them both well. We had a late arrival birthday newsletter this month. Hence the reason for so many belated greetings.
This week, very happy birthday wishes go out to Rachel Smith, Sam Love and Gary Moyer, Oct. 15; Debi King, JoAnn Ruckman, Clinton Burke, Trish Hallebach, Troy Hilkey, Bonnie Carden and our own Mitch Bettis, Oct. 16; Garrett Kiser, Laura Hollenbaugh and Joe Neff, Oct. 17; Rodney Dunham, Oct. 18; Judy Davis, Oct. 19; Ethan Turner, Oct. 20; Mary Cunningham, Patrick Darrow, Jenna Walsh and Gerald Morris, Oct. 21.
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