Meeker Locals

haroldtymes4cApparently CDOT is convinced no one travels Highway 64 west of Meeker between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m., because they’ve posted a sign warning folks they won’t be sending out the snowplows at night this winter. Drive at your own risk, I guess. Maybe the State of Utah would be interested.
Speaking of roads, a reader responded (It’s a miracle!) to last week’s unofficial art contest for the centerpiece for Meeker’s first roundabout. The roundabout in Silt, Colo., has a controversial statue that depicts several animals and the unclothed backside of a rock climber, and the double roundabouts in Rifle feature two-dimensional metal cutouts of cows and cowboys. So our anonymous reader responded with the following suggestion:
“I would suggest our statue have a new twist on the old classic ‘Dogs Playing Cards’ portrait. We should have ‘Elk Playing Cards.’ Some elk should be smoking stogies, others wearing hats, some drinking beer.”
Harold likes this. Almost as much as the idea to create a larger-than-life glow-in-the-dark velvet mural of Elvis on a hunting trip.
We’re about to have a new restaurant in town. Fiesta Guadalajara will open in the old Gary’s Steak House building on Market Street soon. Winter is always a good time for a new restaurant. Especially if things continue to stay as cold as they’ve been this week.
It’s hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving. Time to get out the Christmas decorations!
Celebrating birthdays this week are John Haney, Nov. 19; Tim Nelson, Brad Campbell and Kate Proctor, Nov. 21; Kyler Bland and R.J. Palmer, Nov. 22; Nina Minta, Jim McFarland and Roy Kinney, Nov. 23; Keith Rule, Tawny Halandras and Casey Walters, Nov. 25.
Happy anniversary to George and Peggy Back, Nov. 23; Wayne and Vicky Johnson, Nov. 24; and Tom and Joy Allen, Nov. 25. Congratulations!
If we didn’t wish you a happy birthday or a happy anniversary, it’s because we don’t have your special date on file! Please send birthday greetings, anniversary wishes, and other local social news to, or mail information to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, CO 81641.