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A Facebook fan had an interesting idea in response to a question about Meeker’s need for jobs on our Facebook page last week. What if all the various local producers of saleable items combined their efforts and sold their wares under the covering of one “Meeker” brand? It’s an intriguing thought. Any takers?
For those of you who just can’t wait a whole week to respond to articles and letters to the editor, our Facebook page is a great place to post your opinions and ideas and get nearly instantaneous feedback.
We’re in the last week of April now. Another month or so and it might be safe to put away the snowboots.
You’ve only got a couple of days to dig out those heirlooms, antiques and questionable “treasures” for the appraisal and auction Saturday at the Fairfield Center. You don’t have to auction your stuff, but you can find out what it’s worth! That white elephant that’s been handed down from family member to family member could be worth some money. Bring it to the Fairfield Center this Saturday at 9 a.m. It’s $5 per item to be appraised, proceeds support the Rio Blanco Historical Society.
Celebrating birthdays this week: Paul Sheridan, Callie Muxlow and Shelby Burke, April 29; Shelly Frary and Cory Ruchti, April 30; Danny Garcia, May 1; Debbie Watson, Joanie Jensen and April Doan, May 2; Hailey Asselin, May 3; Gracelyn Bradfield, Jane Clugston, Vern Amick, Vicky L. Crawford and Jerry Oldland, May 4; and Starla Morris, Rocky Pappas and Ed Amato, May 5.
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