Meeker Locals

If you haven’t been by the new Methodist church building lately, you might want to take a peek. The new construction will replace the long-standing sanctuary, which the church has long since outgrown. The question, of course, is what will be done with the old building, which must be removed to provide parking space?
According to an interview with the official leader of the Tea Party Express (not Sarah Palin, in case you were wondering) last week on “The View,” the Tea Party is about reducing taxes and cutting government waste, not about disliking the current presidential administration. Hmmm. Someone should maybe pass that on to the folks involved. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, apparently “tea bagger” is a derogatory term and should be avoided.
Happy birthday this week to Betty Jo Oliver, Ernest Garcia and Nan Hearn, May 13; Logan Fronatt, Devin Buckendorf and Stan Cook, May 14; Teresa Kerstetter, Joe Nieslanik and Obediah Deming, May 15; Ed Koenig, Sandra Johnson, George Layton, Patti Arrington, Nettie Faye Modlin, Danise Thornburg and Rose Storm, May 16; Nathan Bradfield and Jana Whitaker, May 17; McKenna Berthelson, Billy Bibb, Olga Cojucaru and John Mac Sheridan, May 18. And a happy belated birthday greeting to Karen Dinwiddie, who celebrated her birthday May 9.
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