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The correct response to a child who whines, “That’s not fair!” is “A fair is place you go to ride the rides.” Well, that’s the correct response in other places, anyway. In RBC, the fair is, as Dolly put it in her column last week, big business and high competition. Stop by the fairgrounds and check out the exhibits before they’re gone!
Denver mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper made an appearance in Meeker on Monday, stopping by the historic Meeker Hotel and Cafe to visit with constituents in a Republican dominated community.
Happy birthday yesterday, Aug. 4, to Glenda Douglas! Happy birthday today to Veronica Denny, Jewell Kindler, Sandy Shimko, Michelle Burke and Rich Parr; Jody Gardner, Aug. 6; Rosemary Hilkey, Chris Strate, Kellie Turner and Roth Pownall, Aug. 7; Albert Krueger, Kelly McCook and Makala Sheridan, Aug. 8; Michelle Harman and Emily Cardile (granddaughter of Art and Lila Cox) Aug. 10; Chris and Jessica Mullins and Jessi Smith, Aug. 11.
Bill and Donna Wille, proprietors of Antler Taxidermy, celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary Tuesday, Aug. 3. Happy (slightly belated) anniversary!
Happy anniversary to Obediah and Meredith Deming, Aug. 5; Jim and Helen Tyler, Aug. 6; Dennis and Torrie Cook, Aug. 7; Michelle and Bill Smith, Aug. 10; Gerald and Twila Morris, Aug. 11; Rex and Lillian Cook, Aug. 11.
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