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haroldtymes4cAt least a few Meekerites made the trek to Grand Junction to attend President Obama’s town hall meeting about his health care plan. Stephanie Frenette was among the attendees. It will be interesting to hear everyone’s opinion on the Presidential visit to the Western Slope. Probably won’t make anyone like him any better, but at least he stopped by!
Matt Robinson’s wrongful death suit against Meeker rancher Nick Theos came to trial in Mesa County last week. Robinson’s father, Jim, died Aug. 31, 1969, a victim of thallium poisoning. His death was declared a homicide in 2001.
It’s back-to-school time on Monday! Parents rejoice while children mourn the end of summer vacation. We’ll miss our college-bound students as they head off. Have a terrific year of higher education!
Speaking of higher ed., Lisa Pollard is due some congratulations. She recently earned her Ph.D. Great work, Dr. Pollard!
And speaking of doctors, is there some kind of a “bat signal” we can put up to attract new medical doctors to town? Farewell to Dr. Bullard and family, who are heading for their new home in Oklahoma at the end of this week. We wish them all the best.
Bobby and Wendy Guttierez enjoyed a visit with some of their grandchildren recently. What cute kids!
Birthday greetings go out to Sage Morgan Preston-Jensen, Dayona Tyler and Taylor Neilson, Aug. 20; Bev Brennan, DeeAnna Vandiver and Jim Tyler, Aug. 21; Rod Shaw and Phyllis Wigington, Aug. 22; Sandy Scherbarth, Dolly Viscardi, and Mariah Jensen, Aug. 23; Logan Kinnamon and Rogers Meredith, Aug. 24; Marty Jensen and Thane Stranathan, Aug. 25; Levi Pakuer, Aug. 26. More people are born in August than in any other month.
Happy anniversary to Troy and Rhonda Hilkey, Aug. 21; Larry and Sandra Johnson, Aug. 22; Walt and Rita Proctor, Aug. 23. And congratulations to Amber Roach and Noel Douglas on their engagement!
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