Meeker Locals

Why do we all complain about the weather? Maybe it’s because there’s nothing else to complain about around here! Fortunately, winter (and Colorado springtime) are a lot like childbirth: quickly forgotten when the pain finally ends.
That said, it’s time to introduce some new words to weather forecasters everywhere. We’re bored with “rainy” and “cloudy” and “overcast.” Let’s include some more descriptive adjectives like “soggy,” “drippy,” and “gloomy.”
Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Grease – The Musical” for another successful performance season!
If you make a mistake, ‘fess up! That may be the ultimate lesson learned in the case of accidental moose poacher Joel D. Eady from Highlands Ranch. Eady shot a moose instead of an elk while hunting in 2010 and failed to report it. He was fined $5,177 and given three years of probation.
Are you ready for cake and ice cream? Happy birthday to Sage Chapin and Lisa Walsh, April 28; Paul “Buckshot” Sheridan, Callie Muxlow and Shelby Burke, April 29; Cory Ruchti, April 30; Danny Garcia, May 1; Jim Joy, Debbie Watson, Carmen Dunning and Toby Smith, May 2; Haylee Snyder and Hailey Asselin, May 3; Gabriella Garzon, Gracelyn Bradfield, Vicki L. Crawford, Jerry Oldland, Vern Amick and Jane Clugston, May 4.
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