Meeker Locals

Happy Independence Day! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Range Call Celebration.
One of the great things about Range Call is that it provides a perfect time to gather for family and class reunions. There will be plenty of both going on over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if you recognize some familiar — albeit older — faces around town.
It is our completely unscientific opinion that the local deer are simply hiding from this “mule deer census.” After all, based on the way they move into town or behind the “private property” signs on the first day of hunting season, they must be smarter than we think. Maybe they’re afraid if they get counted they’ll have to start paying taxes.
Happy birthday this week to Onea Miller, Choc Mathews and Cody Nielsen, June 30; Geri Camera and Renae Neilson, July 1; Buck Fronatt, Christopher Scherbarth and Beverly Steinman, July 2; Rick Buckles, Luke Turner, Chuck Mills, Jennifer Turner and Finley Deming, July 3; Mason Scritchfield, July 4; Don Hilkey, Mickey Reagle and Robynn Stewart, July 5; Cindy Charest, Annie Merriam, Press Merriam and Goldie Veitch, July 6.
Happy anniversary to Ron and Gina Spencer, July 2; Bill and Ann Turner, July 3; Billy Don and Shirley Harp, July 4; Dale and Jill Dunbar, July 6.
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