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The monsoon thing is nice, but if this keeps up we’re going to be baling our front lawns for hay and growing mushrooms big enough to sit on. According to local weather prognosticators, this summer’s monsoon season arrived about three weeks early. We hope that doesn’t mean the onset of fall and winter will be three weeks ahead of schedule as well. In fact, if we get to put in a request to Mother Nature, most folks would probably like to push winter back a few weeks this year.
Gas prices in Colorado fell last week, while they climbed elsewhere around the country. We like that trend.
Meekerites said a sad goodbye to the old Methodist church building on the corner of Eighth and Park. Without a doubt, the new building is lovely and better serves the needs of the congregation. However, for a community so staunchly committed to historic preservation and so notorious for resisting change, many residents were surprised and dismayed by the town’s refusal of the request to relocate the historic building to Ute Park alongside the equally historic Wilbur Barn and other structures.
Meg Nieslanik enjoyed the company of three friends from Gonzaga this week. Allie, Sue and Denni took in all the sights, sounds and smells of Meeker for the first time and have promised to return for another visit.
A Fourth of July family reunion was held at Roberta Cook’s home. ìThere were 55 of us together. Very busy and lots of fun.”
Nick and Tara Cojocaru and children visited Tara’s parents, brother and sister in Gillette, Wyo.
Celebrating birthdays this week: Annie Cook, Taylor Morris, Alexis Gutierrez and Brandy Giao, July 15; Jenny Whiteman, Dee Weiss, Katie Pettijohn-Rishneill, Niki Turner and Pete Larson, July 16; Caleb Dodds, July 17; Cory Cox, July 18; Michael Mullins and Piper Haney, July 19; Dale Hallebach, Jonathan Cardile and Lisa Steele, July 20.
Happy anniversary to Mike and Shelly Frary, July 14; Sam and Ginny Love, July 15; Berlyn and Sally Johnson, July 19; Kelly and Troy Osborn, July 19; Donald and Mickey Pearson, July 20.
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