Meeker Police Department urges holiday caution; be aware of prohibited activities

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MEEKER | As a reminder from the Meeker Police Department, no outside alcohol will be allowed into the fairgrounds during the Lonestar or Little Texas concerts on Saturday, or for the barn dances. Officers will also be contacting people who park near the fairgrounds to listen to the concert from their vehicles and drink.
“In order to have these concerts, we need to support the entities that are providing the services, like the Lions Club,” said Meeker Chief of Police Phil Stubblefield.
Residents are also reminded that on July 4 for the fireworks display, Circle Park will be closed to vehicle traffic at Fourth and Water streets to allow people to sit in the parking areas to view the fireworks.
“Bring your bug spray,” Stubblefield said, “Because there’s standing water down there in the park from the ditch.”
Stubblefield also reminded residents of all ages that firecrackers and bottle rockets are illegal in the State of Colorado.
Consider the following guidelines when purchasing fireworks:
1) Legal fireworks are those that are sold at the stand that don’t leave the ground, don’t explode or don’t emit fireballs.
2) They may include fountains, ground spinners, smoke bombs, sparklers, and small cars/tanks with limited pyrotechnics. (Note: a sparkler can reach temperatures of 1200 degrees F.)
3) Illegal fireworks include: firecrackers, mortars, roman candles, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, M80’s, basically anything that leaves the ground or explodes.