Meeker water use is at a 10-year low

MEEKER — “Water use is at a 10-year low,” said Russell Overton, Meeker Public Works Superintendent. “It (water consumption) all of a sudden just fell off.”
“There’s been a lot less bulk water (use),” said Town Administrator Sharon Day. Staff speculates the reduction is related to the slowdown in the energy industry.
Overton also told Meeker’s Board of Trustees that the tennis court in Sage Hills is “in dire need” of attention. “We either need to fix it or close it. Before someone gets hurt.”
Day said the public court, which was included as an improvement in the subdivision, is the source of a number of complaints from the neighbors. Complaints about the lights and noise outweigh complaints about the poor condition of the court, which has only been resurfaced once or twice since its construction.
To prevent a liability issue, staff will close the tennis court until a decision is made about its future.
Town staff issued courtesy letters to individuals residing in RVs or motorhomes on private property within town limits, asking them to relocate to an RV park within 45 days. Town Planner Anna Smith said the reduction in the number of energy industry employees has created vacancies at the area’s RV parks. Because of the overload on the RV parks last summer, the town avoided code enforcement on RVs in town limits.
“With things lightening up, there is no reason they should not be able to move into RV spaces,” Smith said. “We contacted people occupying RVs and the property owners the RVs are on with a courtesy notice Feb. 11.”